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3 Tips for Getting Your Pharmacy Summer-Ready

Memorial Day Weekend marks the dawn of a sunnier season. Is your pharmacy summer-ready? Here are 3 tips to help you seamlessly shift those seasonal...


Choosing the Right PCs for Your Pharmacy

Looking to upgrade your pharmacy's PCs? Don't sweat the tech-y stuff - we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know.

Best Practices

Make Mail Order Work For Your Pharmacy

The RMS integration with UPS WorldShip connects your RMS system with your WorldShip account to create orders and generate shipments.


When 'Free' Means Something Else Entirely

Lured by the siren calls of 'free' from bundled pharmacy POS solutions? Sometimes 'free' can end up costing you the most. Here's what you need to...

Curbside & Delivery

Common Pharmacy Delivery Dilemmas: SOLVED

Does your pharmacy have a delivery program? Are you thinking about starting one? If so, you might face these common dilemmas, but RMS can help!


4 Key Strengths of Pharmacy POS

There are dozens of activities a good pharmacy point-of-sale system supports & simplifies every day. Many of them are encompassed in these 4 key...

Security & Compliance

CLIMB Rewind: Credit Card Surcharging

We're rewinding CLIMB to share some need-to-know compliance info for pharmacies looking to surcharge on credit card transactions.


Happy Holidays From RMS

Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays from our RMS family to yours! May all your days be merry & bright this season 🎉✨

Best Practices

Data Is NOT a Four-Letter Word

Okay... data IS a four-letter word. But it's not a bad one! It's actually your pharmacy's most valuable tool. Are you making the most of it?

Best Practices

10 Steps to Delegating Like a Pro

Effective delegation is essential for good leadership and can help you reclaim valuable time in your day. Learn the 10 steps to delegation success.

Best Practices

The Buzz From 2023 Pharmacy Conferences

Here are 4 big pharmacy trends we heard about most from the amazing pharmacists, owners, & pharmacy managers we connected with at this year's shows.  


How Marketing Agencies Can Help Pharmacies

Marketing is a business necessity but it's not in everyone's wheelhouse. That's why marketing agencies exist! Here's how they can help you succeed.

Is Your Pharmacy POS Doing These Things?

Sales aren't at the core of pharmacy business. But that knowledge doesn’t always get applied to the products and services available to the industry. 

Best Practices

All About Pharmacy Marketing

In pharmacy, marketing spans many different categories far beyond traditional advertising.


Rules for Profitable Customer Loyalty

The only way that loyalty programs become revenue generators, not cost centers, is when you create a multi-faceted program built from these key...


5 Great Tips from Dr. Lisa Faast

For a clearer picture of the opportunities, changes, and challenges pharmacies can anticipate this year, we went to the one and only, Dr. Lisa Faast.


Happy Holidays from RMS

We are grateful for our amazing customers and appreciate the opportunity to help pharmacies grow with point-of-sale this holiday season - and every...

Best Practices

How to Have the Best Pharmacy Team Meetings

Meetings are just as important in a pharmacy or retail setting as they are in a corporate environment. However, the logistics might be a little...

Front End

Grade and Optimize Your Pharmacy's Image

Is your pharmacy's image drawing customers in or scaring them away? Here are some key factors you should be paying attention to.

Best Practices

Is Your Pharmacy Adapting to the Edge of Chaos?

No one wants total chaos. But the sweet spot where a business really thrives is right at the edge of chaos. The edge of chaos is where the magic...

Best Practices

Fun with Pharmacy Front End

Embracing your pharmacy's front end opens the door to making your pharmacy a true destination.

Best Practices

Tips for Finding Content To Grow Your Pharmacy

There are a lot of great resources for pharmacy businesses. Which is great. But where do you start looking for the next best thing to help you grow?


A Pointed Look at Pointy from Google

Want to help customers find your pharmacy when they search for stores or products near them? Pointy from Google might just be your solution!

Best Practices

Pharmacy Industry Trends Worth Noting

Here are 3 of the top trend-conscious takeaways to help you narrow your focus at this year's upcoming pharmacy industry conferences.

Best Practices

Your Pharmacy Show To-Do List

Make the most of your time at trade shows this season. Use this handy checklist to prep, schedule and navigate each show.


The Evolution of Pharmacy

Pharmacy has evolved dramatically over the years, with the present market being the most competitive yet. How are successful pharmacies adapting?

Best Practices

Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Static Front End

If your front end never changes, your front end isn’t going to reach its potential. The products you carry should be specific to customer needs.

Patient Care

Remote Patient Monitoring Questions Answered

If you’re on a quest to expand your non-prescription revenue, remote patient monitoring should be on your short list of pharmacy-based services.

Best Practices

Optimizing Clinical Services in Your Pharmacy

It’s more important than ever to cultivate non-prescription revenue. One way to do that is through your front end. Another way is clinical services.

Best Practices

Choosing the Right Buying Group Relationship

Do you have the right buying group relationship? With so many options out there, how do you pick the one that will offer your pharmacy the best...

Best Practices

When the Only Factor That Matters is Time

How can you free up more time? You make changes to your most time-consuming activities that might just let you make better use of the time you have.

Customer Loyalty

Luck Has Nothing To Do With a Pot of Gold

Are there areas of your pharmacy business that seem a bit out of your control? Change the narrative and turn a tidy profit with these tips.

Best Practices

Is Cost Plus Drugs Really the Big Bad Wolf?

Many pharmacy industry experts have weighed in on Cost Plus Drugs to figure out what this new competition will mean for local pharmacies.

Best Practices

What's Up With Pharmacy Receipts?

What should be on a receipt? There's a happy medium between a 5ft receipt and delivering the absolute minimum. Here are some rules for useful...


Don’t Fall in Love with Your Inventory

No matter how many SKUs you carry in your pharmacy, your front end can be a profit center if you manage it properly. The key? Never get too attached.


Redefining Pharmacy Success

You don’t have to summit to succeed. We met with climber/physician Dr. Emily Johnston who gave us her unique take on failure and how she defines...


10 Great Pieces of Pharmacy Content from CLIMB

We’re celebrating a year of CLIMB broadcasts this month! After 12 episodes, we’ve curated a lot of great pharmacy content. Here are our top 10 picks.

Cash Flow

5 Takeaways on Pharmacy Cash Flow

When running a successful business, mo' money means fewer problems. Craig Robinson is here to give us his short list on long-term cash flow health.


Simplified Finelines for Your Pharmacy

An often overlooked component of pharmacy management is product finelines. We've broken them down to make them easier to understand and implement.


4 Reasons to Love Will Call by RMS

Will Call by RMS was developed with customer-centricity in mind. The best part? It's free for all RMS customers! Here are 4 reasons to love it.


Tips for Healthier, Happier Pharmacy Teams

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so let's talk employee wellness. Here are some tips for ensuring your team is happy and healthy.


5 Concepts to Improve Pharmacy Profits

Profitability might be our favorite topic (aside from customer-centricity, of course). Here's a compilation of our best profitability CLIMB content.


Inventory Management For Your Pharmacy

One of the most important reports in the RMS system is the Sales & Profit Analysis Report. This is a valuable report for any pharmacy as it helps you...

4 Things Every Pharmacy Should Do This Year

The resetting of a calendar year has always represented new beginnings. A time to jump start goals and resolve to make the next journey around the...

A Holiday Message From RMS

We’ve never had a holiday season quite like this. Or a year for that matter. And yet, one thing remains the same. Our customers and pharmacy friends...

4 Important Things To Do In Your Pharmacy

2020 has offered so many challenges. Personally, and professionally, we’ve all faced situations that we never really could have planned for. Despite...

A Thanksgiving Note from RMS

We are grateful. For the continued support of our RMS family. For the inspiration we receive daily from our wonderful pharmacy customers who show up...

Tips for Your Pharmacy this Holiday Season

This holiday season, traditions are going to look a bit different. Gatherings will be smaller. Families and friends more distant. Still, we try to...

Work-Life Balance Means What Exactly?

The concept of Work-life balance is tricky, to say the least. Work-life balance is actually defined as “the amount of time you spend doing your job...

When You Don’t Want To, But You Have To

Motivation can be a tricky thing. It’s not always easy to overcome inertia. To leave comfort zones behind and take a step in a new direction....

Innovation in Your Pharmacy

What does it mean to be “innovative” in pharmacy? For many it may bring to mind pioneering something new. To create something that’s never been done...

3 Big Pharmacy Trends

Change in business can come slowly or rapidly, but, eventually, all industries evolve to suit the new needs of their customer base. The same is true,...

4 Important Reminders for Pharmacy Security

The sad reality is that, in the modern business world, retailers like pharmacies are prime targets for criminals looking to undermine digital...

A Bit of What We All Need

It’s been a little over a month since the staff at RMS headquarters, along with a good portion of the country, transitioned to working remotely from...

Patient Care

New Definitions to Use in Your Pharmacy

There’s a scene in the movie, “The Incredibles 2” where Mr. Incredible is being defeated by his kids’ math textbook. Something to the effect of “why...

New Rules for Pharmacy Curbside Delivery

There’s no surprise that curbside delivery has been a popular topic over the past couple of weeks. We’ve worked with many pharmacies to get solutions...

How Exactly Do I Clean That?

Well, a lot has happened since last week. Last time I posted, I was sitting in my office at the RMS Headquarters. Today, I’m in my home office, on...

A Note From RMS

Disaster preparedness is something I’ve written about before. Mostly in the light of being as ready as possible for natural disasters, inclement...


Avoid These Common Retail Pharmacy Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable, and a part of life. All the practice and expertise in the world won’t stop you from hitting a wrong note every once in a...

Customer Loyalty

Shopping For Super Bowl 54 at The Pharmacy

Millions of people will tune in to watch Super Bowl 54 on Sunday. This year, it’s thought that 194 million people will watch the game, spending an...

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