10 Great Pieces of Pharmacy Content from CLIMB

We’re celebrating a year of CLIMB broadcasts this month! After 12 episodes, we’ve curated a lot of great pharmacy content. Here are our top 10 picks.

This month (October, 2021) we’re celebrating a year of CLIMB broadcasts. After 12 episodes, we’ve curated a lot of great pharmacy content, and we have no intention of stopping any time soon. However, as we look forward to our CLIMBiversary Special (airing on October 14th) and beyond, we can’t help but take a look back at some of our great content from the past year.

If you’re new to RMS and CLIMB, or missed an episode or two, or like us, you’re just feeling a bit nostalgic, check out some of these CLIMB moments with us.

P.S. These are in no particular order because we really can’t pick a favorite.

Every Time We Talked About Nutrient Depletion

Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion has been a favorite topic for RMS and for the CLIMB series for the last year. And that’s going to continue. Because making supplement recommendations to combat drug induced nutrient depletion just makes sense. It’s low hanging fruit that every pharmacy can pick. Regardless of your front-end size (even a small selection can make a powerful difference!) and no matter how much time you don’t have. Check out our Nutrient Depletion Playlist for the CLIMB content made to help your pharmacy build a supplement recommendation program.  You’ll hear from experts like Chris Cornelison, Pam Piotrowski and more!

John Marshall’s Critical Look at Pharmacy Data

Who knew that going back to school could be fun? This session with CPA and business coach John Marshall has been incredibly popular since it aired, and for good reason. John shares the top 10 metrics pharmacies should be using, what they teach us, and what to do with them. This session is absolutely a must see! Watch it here.

Lessons on Pricing Models

Craig Robinsons sessions on transparent pricing turned out to be filled with the best things we never knew. Watch his introduction to pharmacy cash flow fundamentals here and then see follow it up with the deep dive on the impact of pricing model changes for pharmacy businesses.

Quick and Actionable Cash Flow Tips With Lisa Faast

Every business, no matter how profitable, experiences a cash flow squeeze at some point or another. It’s inevitable. This is one of reasons we’re such big fans of Dr. Lisa Faast’s 5 quick cash flow tips. She teaches us the best way to manage cash flow and how to alleviate short or long term cash flow woes. Watch the session here!

An Expert-Filled Panel on Clinical Services

Looking for ways to grow your pharmacy profitability AND improve customer centricity? Clinical services offer a path. There are so many options to get involved with patient care and each offers unique benefits. But where do you start? How do you choose the service or services your pharmacy should offer? Our expert panel of pharmacists, including Pharmacists Amina Abubakar, Blair Thielemier and Jim Cammarata weigh in. Check out this informative 30-minute panel discussion.

Medication Synchronization With a Pharmacy Pioneer

Bob Lomenick shares a look at medication synchronization. A service that can transform your pharmacy  day-to-day. Whether you have a Med Sync program or you’re just getting started, this session has valuable information and great takeaways. Watch it now!

Robbie Stokes Talks Gross Profit Margin

Did we hear higher profits? That’s the goal of Robbie Stokes’ company LifelineRx Solutions. See his plan to help pharmacies improve gross profit margin.

Lessons on Team and Leadership

From Terri Norvell’s powerful message on leadership and training to business coach Emily Cannata’s deep dive into employee wellness, this team focused playlist is sure to inspire.

Becky Templeton’s Need-to-Know Compliance Updates

RJ Hedges & Associates is an industry favorite for their compliance knowledge, programs and tools. Becky Templeton makes complex topics easy to understand. See her latest session to gear up for 2022.

We could go on… seriously!

We’ve been so lucky to host countless pharmacists and pharmacy industry experts on CLIMB. Way too many to list in one short (well.. kind of short) article. And you don’t have to take our word for it. All of our content is available on your YouTube Channel. Check it out today and subscribe to stay up-to-date on the latest RMS and CLIMB content.

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