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Customer loyalty, for pharmacies.

Our customer loyalty module is a two-tiered solution designed to drive incremental business through your doors by rewarding your frequent shoppers and driving repeat business.

Customer loyalty programs are essential.

They cut down on customer attrition, increase average ticket size and improve pharmacy profitability. Our customer loyalty module is easy to learn and intuitive to use. Plus, our expert team can help you design and implement a program that works for you and your pharmacy! 


Frequent Shopper Program

This accomplishes the basic points for purchases program that is now standard in nearly all chain stores. This takes place automatically as customers make purchases through your pharmacy point-of-sale station. You can customize the name of your rewards program and issue barcoded customer cards. Customers then earn points based on the dollars they spend in your store. Features and flexibility include:

  • Product selection: Tie bonus points to certain products, such as your higher-margin private-label items.
  • Redemption options: Customers can redeem points in real-time at the register, or you can mail them gift certificates to be redeemed later.
  • Rewards levels: Create frequent shopper tiers, such as gold, silver and bronze, to reward your most loyal customers with special benefits and drive additional business.


Advanced Gift with Purchase Program

Build a stronger loyalty program and strengthen your brand by creating custom promotions for front-end merchandise. The Advanced Gift with Purchase Program makes it easy for you to tie rewards to promotions and proactively communicate rewards-earning opportunities to participating customers. Capabilities and features include:

  • Custom coupons based on items purchased
  • Advanced promotions
  • Free gift with purchase functionality
  • Advanced reporting
  • …and much more!


Want to take this info to-go? Download our Customer Loyalty Fact Sheet.

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