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What Really Did Happen with USP <800> Hazardous Drugs? Join us for a Free Webinar.

Posted by Karen Deckard on Thu, Feb 13, 2020 @ 06:00 AM


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Join RMS, in partnership with R.J. Hedges & Associates on February 18th at 3pm Eastern to learn more about USP <800> Hazardous Drugs and how it impacts your pharmacy.

USP <800> Hazardous Drugs was implemented on December 1, 2019. But what exactly does that mean for you?

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Avoid These Common Retail Pharmacy Mistakes

Posted by Karen Deckard on Fri, Feb 07, 2020 @ 11:06 AM

Mistakes are inevitable, and a part of life. All the practice and expertise in the world won't stop you from hitting a wrong note every once in a while. But some mistakes can be easily prevented with the right tools. Here are a few common mistakes and the easy way that pharmacy point of sale can help you avoid them.

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Shopping For Super Bowl 54 at The Pharmacy

Posted by Karen Deckard on Fri, Jan 31, 2020 @ 11:34 AM

Millions of people will tune in to watch Super Bowl 54 on Sunday. This year, it's thought that 194 million people will watch the game, spending an average $88.65 each, according to the National Retail Federation.

That number accounts for food, drinks, party supplies, new TV's, team gear and even new furniture purchases spurred by Super Bowl party plans. But what it doesn't account for is all the self care items that people need after the game.

Yes, many people will be making a visit to their pharmacy on Monday (or maybe sooner) to recover from a Sunday packed with perhaps a little too much fun. The Monday after Super Bowl Sunday even has it's own set of statistics, with 17.5 million employees expected to miss out on work. You can bet at least some of those millions will need some help.

So why not get ahead of the rush and promote some things that your customers might desperately be in need of come Monday morning?

You can put items on sale, bundle them together, set up BOGO promotions through your POS system, promote private label products or offer bonuses to loyalty members. Or even just put key items on the counter for easy sales. Here are a few thoughts on items to include.

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Are You Consuming Your Pharmacy POS or just Using it?

Posted by Karen Deckard on Thu, Jan 23, 2020 @ 05:39 PM

In recent years, online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have redefined the way many people consume entertainment. We’ve said goodbye to commercials every 8 minutes and no longer have to wait until next week to find out how the most recent cliffhanger resolves itself.

But what does it really mean to consume the products they offer? Or any product for that matter? For example, news surfaced that Netflix considers a viewer to have watched an episode after just two minutes of engagement. Even though you turned that movie off before the opening scene was over, you’re still counted in a record breaking release statistic.

To me it seems like the definition of consumption here is a little off. If you watched just 2 minutes of a 90 minute movie, you’d only be consuming just over 2% of the full product. Put that in terms of any purchase you make and think about what it would be like to consume that little of it.

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The Experience of Pharmacy POS

Posted by Karen Deckard on Thu, Jan 16, 2020 @ 07:23 PM

If you made any sort of big purchase, like a new car, or a new home, or even a new TV, you'd have expectations of how life after your purchase would be. You'd look forward to better gas mileage and a service plan from the dealer. Or gatherings with friends from your new kitchen. Or being even more engrossed in your favorite TV shows with that new and improved big screen.

The point is, that when you make a big purchase, you're not just purchasing something physical. You're also purchasing the experience you expect to have with that item. Even a pair of shoes could be expected to deliver an experience post purchase. Like feet that aren't sore after standing all day, or perhaps a few compliments during your first outing,

So why would you expect anything less if you make an investment in your pharmacy?

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4 Questions to Drive Results in Your Pharmacy

Posted by Karen Deckard on Thu, Jan 09, 2020 @ 09:00 AM

Every week when I make the grocery list, I ask my kids if there's anything they'd like to have around the house. There's the inevitable list of snack foods, and the 20 questions designed to make sure that their favorite meals are on the list. But without fail, my anti-vegetable, doesn't like fruit unless it's smothered in peanut butter or chocolate, son also asks for bananas.

This is an easy yes. Of course you can have bananas kid.

The thing is, he doesn't really want the bananas. What he wants is the result of bananas that sat on the counter for a week and got overripe. In our house that meant he was getting banana pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning, and would have a steady supply of banana bread to start off the week. I have to hand it to him. It took me far longer than it should have to catch onto his scheme.

What my devious little lover of banana flavored baked goods caught onto was not just an enviable ability to plan ahead, but a results driven strategy that ultimately got him where he wanted to be. Every time I said "No, I can't make banana pancakes because we don't have bananas" he started to learn that all he needed for his weekend breakfast dreams to come true was a single ingredient. And guess what's been on the counter in one state of ripeness or another ever since?

While understanding the way that my Kindergartner's brain works is next to impossible, I imagine that if I were to define the process he went through it would boil down to a few simple questions. And while the problems we face in every day life and business are more complicated than pancakes, the same questions can get you closer to your desired results.

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A Few Tips to Plan for the Coming Year

Posted by Karen Deckard on Fri, Jan 03, 2020 @ 10:56 AM

It's that time of year again where we're all setting goals and thinking about what we could do better in the new year. In business, I wouldn't exactly call them New Years Resolutions, but that new year in front of us can't help but bring with it some expectations for change.

As you gear up for the coming year, there may be a few things that it will be helpful to have access to.

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New Year, New Passwords!

Posted by Karen Deckard on Thu, Dec 26, 2019 @ 10:14 PM


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Happy Holidays from RMS!

Posted by Karen Deckard on Thu, Dec 19, 2019 @ 02:23 PM


T'was the week before Christmas, and all through the halls

Everything was stirring, and RMS staff were bouncing off the walls.

The break room was stocked with cookies and sweets,

Including macarons with jalapeno jam that really brought the heat.

The phones were still ringing, just not quite as much,

Bringing end of year orders, reporting questions, and such.

Then glancing at the calendar and noting the date,

I realized that my weekly blog was going to be late!

And so in a sugar fueled clatter of keys,

I thought, "I'll write a quick poem, that should be a breeze!"

With a simple message, sent just to say

From all of us at RMS, Happy Holidays!

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4 Simple Tasks to Tackle in Your Pharmacy

Posted by Karen Deckard on Thu, Dec 12, 2019 @ 08:34 PM

My kids have been asking me when Winter break starts since the day after Thanksgiving. When will their class party be? When do Uncle and Auntie arrive in town? When will there be snow on the mountain? For them, all the excitement seems to make time feel slower. How can there be another whole week of school before the holidays?

I can't help but envy them, because it definitely feels different to me. The dwindling number of days left in December seem to go by faster and faster. Leaving precious little time to finish end of year tasks.

But, with a to-do list firmly in place, I know that I'll get my most important tasks accomplished, both in the office and at home. With just a few weeks remaining until year end, I encourage you to get a few important to-do's on your schedule.

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