Pharmacy Meds-to-Beds Solution

A solution that WORKS.

Take the industry’s most powerful point-of-sale system directly to your patients with full till functionality that can be used bedside, curbside, in the pharmacy, and more.

What is Meds-to-Beds?

Meds-to-Beds is an outcome-focused, patient-centric approach that has become the new standard for outpatient pharmacies. Implementing a Meds-to-Beds program as part of your overall strategy can help to increase patient compliance, improve patient outcomes and reduce re-admittance rates.

Take the full power of your POS with you.

Meds-to-Beds by RMS powers bedside delivery programs with real-time transaction processing and capabilities including:

Full pharmacy system integration for prescription sales.

Electronic Signature Capture

Integrated credit card processing, including EMV, E2EE or Validated P2PE solutions.

FSA Card Acceptance

Patient Counseling

OTC Product Sales

Emailed and/or Printed Receipts

Real-time reporting from any RMS system.

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Want to find the Meds-to-Beds solution that works best for your organization? Use our comprehensive Meds-to-Beds checklist.

Powerful point-of-sale for every pharmacy's needs.