It's time to take control of your front end.

If you're running a retail pharmacy, then no matter what your front-end inventory is made up of, how you manage it directly impacts the profitability of your entire business.

FrontEnd by RMS makes the process easier - and more profitable - than ever.

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Maximize Front-End Profitability

Streamline Inventory Processes

Automate Price Updates & Ordering

Make Data-Driven Decisions


Transform your front end into a profit powerhouse.

FrontEnd by RMS is the ultimate inventory management solution for retail pharmacies - giving you total control over your front-end inventory and making it easier than ever to manage, promote, analyze and maximize the retail side of your business. 

FrontEnd Basic has everything you need to start taking control. For more robust inventory needs, FrontEnd Advanced has you covered.
Combine our Signs & Labels Module with FrontEnd to print custom shelf labels, signs, compare & saves, and shelf talkers directly from your POS.
RMS FrontEnd
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Manage front-end inventory with ease.

FrontEnd streamlines and simplifies all of your inventory processes, from automated replenishment ordering and price updates to effortless receiving and product file import. 

Our handheld wireless devices for FrontEnd Advanced make on-hand inventory counting & receiving a breeze.
Not in EDI? Not a problem. Easily import specialty product files with our Universal Import Program.

No more guesswork. Way more data.

FrontEnd harnesses powerful POS analytics to produce a wealth of data on every aspect of your front end's performance - so you can make informed, data-driven decisions on what products to carry, who to market them to, where they perform best in your store, and when it's time to phase them out. 

The Sales & Profit Analysis (SASA) report might just be the most valuable tool in our arsenal, showing you all the metrics you need to make informed inventory decisions.
The Return on Investment (ROI) report is your one-stop-shop for greater insight on the success of your individual departments, finelines and products.
The movement report helps you pinpoint & optimize your best-selling products and identify what's not moving, so you can make adjustments as needed.
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Choose the FrontEnd solution that best suits your needs.

FrontEnd Basic

Everything you need to start taking control.

  • Checkmark Keep prices current with automated price updates from your wholesaler
  • Checkmark Automatically reorder what you've sold with replenishment ordering
  • Checkmark Electronically transmit purchase orders to your wholesaler
  • Checkmark Easily receive orders into stock
  • Checkmark Import specialty product files with the Universal Import Program
  • 24/7 RMS support

See FrontEnd in action.

Powerful point-of-sale for every pharmacy's needs.