Pharmacy POS Mobile Solutions

Point-of-sale that goes beyond the counter.

At the register, in the aisle, curbside, or at the front door. RMS offers mobile solutions for every pharmacy's needs.

Where you interact with your customers shouldn't change how you serve them.

A full suite of wireless solutions opens the door for your pharmacy to serve any customer, anywhere.

Pharmacy POS Mobile Solutions

The full power of your POS, anywhere.


With increasing online and mail order competition, more pharmacies are turning to delivery programs to retain customers and extend their reach. RMS' home delivery application is built to make delivery an accessible option for any pharmacy, without relying on wireless connectivity.

Features include:
  • Prepare transactions in the pharmacy from any till
  • Process payments with securely saved information or mark for collection
  • Load transactions onto PDA and transfer to offline mode
  • Capture signatures at delivery
  • Automatically sync information to your POS system upon return to the pharmacy


One of the most convenient ways for customers to pick up prescriptions at your pharmacy can also be the most difficult to manage. Simplify the process using Wireless Signature Capture.

Features include:
  • Compatibility with any version of iPad
  • Captures all required signatures
  • No cables
  • No custom device required


Curbside pickup programs are convenient, popular and support a socially distanced pharmacy transaction model. Better yet, with the right tools it’s easy to implement your own pharmacy curbside pickup program. RMS’ curbside programs make it quick and easy for pharmacy staff to process transactions curbside.

Features include:
  • Integrated bar code scanning
  • Real time payment processing
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Print or email receipts

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Powerful point-of-sale for every pharmacy's needs.