Our customer feedback says it all.

We’re grateful for all the kind words our customers have said about us over the years. We truly believe that in order for us to be successful, our customers need to be successful. We consider ourselves to be a partner in your business. This is why we are continually investing in new ways to enhance our customer experience, whether that is through our 24/7 technical support, our live chat support capabilities, leveraging our advanced customer support software that allows us to be proactive in responding to customer needs, and more.  

“When it was time to upgrade our previous POS system, we looked at many options. We chose RMS because it was the best fit for us. We operate with a large front end that includes gifts, home décor, soda fountain and a gift basket service. I don’t know how we (or any drug store) would manage without a good POS system. The efficiency and accuracy that we have gained enables our staff to resolve matters quickly and instills customer confidence. We have been able to take complete control of our store’s front end. Instead of creating headaches for staff members as we did with our old system, we are able to use the RMS tools quickly and efficiently. We are especially proud of our loyalty program – it has just exploded in our three stores. Being able to give something back to the customers is a win-win situation, and they love it. Overall, our efficiency has increased across the board. Our ability to manage inventory across the stores has been invaluable.”

“RMS has provided us with needed functionality by providing us with a centralized database. All items, costs and pricing are at our fingertips. New items are added quickly and information is accessed easily. Our pricing issues have been greatly reduced. With over 15 stores, having a common database makes it easy for our customers to shop at any one of our locations. Having centralized accounts receivable streamlines the entire process. In the long term, we expect to greatly improve our efficiency. Doing business with RMS is like working with friends and family. As a group, they are professional, reactive, and are quick to work out issues. As each month passes, we are making great strides in creating a POS system that is just right for where we want to be.”

“Your next payor audit will demonstrate the value of having a state-of-the-art point-of-sale system. Some pharmacies are still waiting for their system’s vendor to accomplish electronic signature capture. We’ve had it for a couple years. For an audit, we typically print out the signature pages verifying 50 scrips. In our experience, the auditor looks at the first page and says Oh, you’ve got electronic,’ and moves on from there. At 300 filled a day, finding those signatures in paper logs would be nearly impossible. We’re big believers in having a POS system that is universal. We’ve been down the proprietary path, where a system from a particular wholesaler is designed to generate repeat business for that distributor. Fortunately, our RMS system doesn’t care who we buy from.”

“We’ve had the Star-Plus POS system from RMS since 2002. Adding RxLoyaltyGenius helped us capitalize on the resulting consumer data. Thanks to this, we are retaining consumers and gaining new ones. The loyalty program automatically mails gift card rewards as they are earned. It also enables us to identify purchasers to receive specific promotional messages, as well as to provide incentives for customers who bring their friends to us. The real beauty is that all the data is gathered invisibly, and the software provides the analytics to help direct our marketing efforts. This is a stellar marketing program that delivers even more ROI from the POS system.”

“Cal-Med Pharmacy couldn’t run its business as successfully without an RMS POS system. We use the system to manage our entire inventory. If products aren’t selling, we know it, and can move them out and something else in. With RMS, we have total control over everything in the store from cash management and employee accountability to merchandising and promotions. The deep knowledge the system provides enables us to make informed decisions quickly, and to be more profitable as a result. The system pays for itself in the profits gained. The support team at RMS is made up of incredibly bright individuals with great people skills. Unequivocally, the RMS service personnel listen, resolve issues, and best of all – they can talk to any one of our employees. With an RMS system, you will immediately have the tools with which to make smarter, informed business decisions.”

“The RMS POS System has made a tremendous difference in the way we do business. We’re able to solve both internal and external issues very quickly due to electronic signature capture. The inventory control feature is a fantastic tool. We never run out of product, and we can see clearly how a certain area of the store is doing and respond accordingly. Our previous POS system had no customized features for pharmacies. Plus, it was from a big corporation; we felt like a tiny blip on their screen. The RMS crew is friendly and timely in working with us to solve any issues that arise. And they are very responsive when we have feedback for them about the software. RMS has helped us to streamline things and to be more efficient. For us, greater efficiency means greater profits.”

“I have to tell you, your company has the best support I have ever worked with. They are better than Xerox, Palm Pilot, and definitely better than any other company I have dealt with in the pharmacy industry. Everyone on the team is always excellent to work with and are just superb.”

“Transactions are speedy and accurate. All items check out by a barcode scan, which is a breeze. The setup for FSA card transactions was quick and simple. I haven’t seen a single card denied. We get immediate approvals, while our patients get detailed documentation on their receipts. Best of all, we can focus more on patients’ needs and concerns, rather than on our documentation, because the register and its electronic signature capture handle so much of that. Star-Lite was a smart and easy way for us to go.”

"This investment is the only thing that am 100% sure will never regret for life. The system is powerful, yet extremely easy to use and has the capabilities to generate reports that would take hours to produce manually. RMS POS made my life so easy in managing my inventory, control theft, make shelf labels, and fast check out. The best part is the impression it leaves on customer’s faces when we check them out using our Evolution POS devices.”

“Star-Plus is integral to our operations. It contributes handsomely to a top-quality customer experience and to our reputation.”

“No matter how many times we call, no matter the problems we have that we need your assistance with…everyone at RMS is always helpful and patient….Thank you for that!!”

“RMS has increased our efficiency, which means less customer confusion and more time for other things. RMS employees are excellent, responsive, and quick – which makes us very satisfied. RMS has improved both our customer service and our business, every year, for the last five years.”

Powerful point-of-sale for every pharmacy's needs.