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Pharmacy Prescription Sales

Nearly 50% of all adults take at least one prescription medication.

These medications often lead to the depletion of critical nutrients. This prescription-induced nutrient depletion can result in side effects, which in turn can lead to patients who don’t comply with prescription regimens. 

What is NutriButler?

NutriButler by RMS is an integration built into every RMS system. Through partnerships with healthcare databases, you can make therapy recommendations tailored to offset the side effects caused by prescription-induced nutrient depletion. NutriButler by RMS enhances patient care, improves outcomes, and delivers happier, healthier customers through nutrient depletion counseling.

How it works.


Scan Prescriptions at the point-of-service.  Based on the NDC number, the system will identify recommended therapies to combat nutrient depletion induced side effects.


Information on the potential side effects and the recommended therapies are displayed at the register. Help your patients find the right supplement today, or print the recommendation on their receipt for future reference.


Share your knowledge on prescription induced nutrient depletion with your customers to keep them happy, healthy, and coming back for more!

Choose your nutrient depletion partner.

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TRC is committed to providing unbiased, evidence based recommendations to combat prescription induced nutrient depletion. TRC’s Natural Medicines Database is the largest in the U.S. with over 1400 monographs and information on over 185,000 natural products. Many of these are items that you might already have on your pharmacy shelves! Through Nutributler and partnership with TRC, you can easily recommend the supplemental medications and natural products that will help you improve patient outcomes and boost profitability.

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Ortho Molecular Products’ commitment to quality and efficacy in their products has made them a trusted healthcare partner for over 30 years. Through partnership with NutriButler and Ortho Molecular Products, you can direct your customers to the exact Ortho Molecular product to combat prescription induced nutrient depletion. 

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