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Tips for Finding Content To Grow Your Pharmacy

There are a lot of great resources for pharmacy businesses. Which is great. But where do you start looking for the next best thing to help you grow?

The endless scroll. It’s a trap we all find ourselves caught in from time to time. What to watch, what to read, what to order for dinner. It’s hard enough to figure out what to watch on a Friday evening. Now there’s the extra conundrum of what business content to consume.

There are a lot of great resources for pharmacy businesses. More articles, videos and CE credits than any one pharmacy professional can consume. Which is great, because no two pharmacies are alike and educational content is just one more place where a “one-size-fits-all” approach simply won’t cut it.

Still, that leaves the question of where to start if you’re looking for the next best thing in content that will help you grow your pharmacy business.

Our first, and best, tip is to start with sources you trust. Those that are endorsed by your peers and reliable industry partners. That will narrow the field, but in the case of many YouTube channels, blog sites, podcasts, and eLibraries, you could still have a mountain of content to sift and filter through to find what’s meaningful to you.

While you can certainly search by topic, using your own filters might limit your results. After all, we don’t know what we don’t know, so why not open your search up to some new topics for inspiration and motivation?

The question remains, however… where to start? While pharmacy isn’t one-size-fits-all, it is a community. As such, sometimes popularity is the best indicator.

With that in mind, we’ve curated our most popular content from the past year of CLIMB broadcasts. If you’ve never tuned into CLIMB before, or you’ve missed a few broadcasts along the way, this is the ultimate playlist to help you grow your profits and improve your customer-centricity through Care, Leadership, Innovation, Motivation and Balance. Watch the full playlist now or take a look at the session descriptions below and see what sparks your interest!

Dr. Lisa Faast Helps You Drive More Traffic to Your Pharmacy Business

Pharmacist and entrepreneur, Dr. Lisa Faast, is an expert on helping independent pharmacies cultivate diverse revenue streams. And she’s also an innovator when it comes to getting customers through your pharmacy doors. In November of 2021, Lisa shared a no-cost, community-forward way to drive traffic to your pharmacy. In this segment, Lisa gives you the foundations to make your pharmacy a destination by partnering with a charitable organization as a donation drop-off center. This strategy brings new potential customers to your pharmacy, and using Lisa’s tips for visit optimization, you can make the most of every interaction. Watch Lisa’s 10 minute segment here. (Keep in mind that although this session is holiday season-focused, the strategy can be used all year round.)

Remote Patient Monitoring With Amina Abubakar and Bob Lomenick

When it comes to clinical services, there are a lot of different routes a pharmacy can follow. But, as we dove into the concept of remote patient monitoring, we found that many pharmacies weren’t familiar with how this service might work, let alone how to go about getting started. Luckily, clinical services pioneers and remote patient monitoring experts, Amina Abubakar and Bob Lomenick, were here to help us gain a better understanding of these many faceted, opportunity-filled services. In this session, Amina and Bob share what remote patient monitoring is, how it works, its benefit to patients, pharmacies and physicians, how to get started, and what return on investment you can expect if you choose to pursue offering these amazing services to your patients. Watch the session here!

All About Metrics With John Marshall

You don’t need an accounting degree to use metrics to understand your pharmacy business and make data-driven decisions. But, an accountant sure can help us know where to start. CPA and business coach, John Marshall, showed us how you can take data from your day-to-day pharmacy experiences and your pharmacy point-of-sale system and use it to run your pharmacy business more effectively than ever before. His top 10 pharmacy metrics are easy to understand, calculate, and track. Watch them here!

Ditching Rebates With Joe Daugherty and Craig Robinson

Many pharmacies still operate on a rebate-based model. This made sense in the old world of prescription sales, but today rebates can drive your cash flow in the wrong direction and may not be the right choice for your pharmacy business. Craig Robinson from RxCherryPick shared with us the essentials of using transparent pricing and ditching rebates, and brought with him pharmacist and pharmacy owner, Joe Daugherty, to talk about the impacts that change can have on a pharmacy business. Not only was this session informative, it showed us what a pharmacy can do when cash flow woes aren’t part of your daily grind. It’s no wonder why this session isn’t just one of our most popular of the past year, but one of our all time top CLIMB broadcasts. Watch it now.

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Was one of these episodes your favorite CLIMB of all time? Or did we leave something out of the list? Check out our full CLIMB library and comment below with your favorite CLIMB session!

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