What Is 'NutriButler' and Why Should You Care?

Supplement recommendations are a great addition to patient care initiatives and create a customer experience that goes beyond in-pharmacy interactions.

Supplement recommendations based on drug-induced nutrient depletion. Can you say that 5 times fast?

Never mind saying it. What about actually managing the supplement recommendation process in an efficient, easy, customer-centric way?

Supplement recommendations are a great addition to patient care initiatives and create a customer experience that goes beyond in-pharmacy interactions.

But it’s not always easy to add that extra step during the prescription fill or during the transaction.

Making it easier is exactly the goal of RMS’ NutriButler Program. If you’re curious to learn more so you can launch your own nutrient depletion recommendation program or make the program you’re running a little bit easier process-wise, this is the article for you. Here are some of our frequently asked questions about NutriButler.

What is NutriButler?

NutriButler = POS-integrated supplement recommendations based on drug-induced nutrient depletion. Think of it as your digital concierge, only instead of telling you about the best restaurants and helping you make a reservation, it automates the identification of nutrient depletion along with potential side effects and helps to find the appropriate supplement.

How does NutriButler work?

NutriButler integrates the supplement recommendation process right into the transaction when using an RMS point-of-sale system. When you scan the prescription, NutriButler uses the NDC number to identify potential nutrient depletions along with the recommended supplement to help alleviate side effects. When the recommendation is displayed, you can counsel the patient, help them pick out the right supplement, or print the recommendation information on their receipt for future reference.

Where does the recommendation actually come from?

NutriButler is powered by integrations with two key partners. Pharmacies can choose to receive recommendations from Ortho Molecular Products, or from TRC Healthcare. The Ortho Molecular Products integration recommends specific supplements in the Ortho Molecular Products line. This is a great option for pharmacies who already stock and sell supplements from Ortho Molecular Products, or if you prefer to make a very specific product recommendation.

TRC Healthcare offers recommendations through their Natural Medicines Database. Instead of a specific product, pharmacies using NutriButler with TRC Healthcare receive a general supplement recommendation so they can pick from a range of products that they stock. The TRC option is great for pharmacies who carry a broad range of supplement products and want to offer some more open-ended choices.

What does it cost?

NutriButler is included with every RMS system at no cost. Depending on the recommendation partner you choose (TRC Healthcare or Ortho Molecular Products) and whether or not you have an existing relationship with them, you may have some minimal costs to subscribe to their product databases. (If you don’t have a TRC subscription already, you can try it free for 30 days.) These costs can easily be offset by the revenue you'll make from increased supplement sales.

Will I receive training?

Absolutely. NutriButler is crazy-easy to use. Once it’s turned on, the process becomes very automated. However, you’ll still need to make sure you have some other key pieces in place to run a successful program. Here are some resources you might find most helpful.

Plus, we’ve got another great session on Nutrient Depletion Recommendations coming your way during our April CLIMB Broadcast. We’ll be going beyond the supplement sale with Pharmacist and Ortho Molecular Products’ Pharmacy Brand Manager, Harry Jablonski. We’ll talk about what drives successful programs and so much more in this fresh take on one of our favorite clinical services topics. Learn more here.

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