It’s Time We CLIMB – Now on Pharmacy Podcast Network

Our CLIMB webinar series is now available on the Pharmacy Podcast Network! Take CLIMB with you anywhere, so you can tune in on your time.

In October of 2020, RMS launched the CLIMB webinar series to help pharmacies become more profitable and customer-centric. Not by using pharmacy point-of-sale (although you can find plenty of content about that particular topic on the RMS website) but through education on care, leadership, innovation, motivation and balance.

Every month we invite pharmacists and pharmacy industry experts to discuss timely topics and share important insights on building the best possible pharmacy business. We love sharing these broadcasts with pharmacies and we look forward to new presentations each month. So much so, that we decided it was time to try and bring CLIMB to even more pharmacists, pharmacy owners, managers, and team members.

Today, we’re happy to announce that CLIMB is growing! We’ve partnered with the amazing Pharmacy Podcast Network to bring new CLIMB podcasts to pharmacies across the United States every month. 

We’re so excited to offer this additional channel for CLIMB content. You can join us live for broadcasts and Q&A on the second Thursday of each month, watch recorded sessions anytime, and now tune in to the CLIMB podcast.

Our very first episode introduces CLIMB to Pharmacy Podcast Listeners and talks about our key tenets. Pharmacist and Pharmacy Owner Trish White joins RMS CEO Brad Jones to talk about how the concepts of care, lead, innovate, motivate and balance are used in pharmacies every day, and also discuss some favorite CLIMB moments. If you’ve never attended a CLIMB event before, this is a great introduction to what we’re all about.

Check out the inaugural CLIMB podcast here and listen each month for new content!

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