Pharmacy Informatics: Where Patient Care Meets Technology

Pharmacy informatics is revolutionizing patient care through technology. Here's how RMS is leading the charge through point-of-sale.

The rapid expansion of technology in today's pharmaceutical realm is revolutionizing the way patient care is administered, ensuring an unprecedented level of accuracy, safety, and accessibility at every juncture of the modern healthcare journey.

A pivotal force driving this innovation is the rising field of pharmacy informatics, which defines as follows:

"Pharmacy informatics is a rapidly growing field that combines the principles of pharmacy and information science to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. It encompasses many activities, including using technology to manage patient information, enhance medication safety, and streamline the prescribing and dispensing process.

The essence of patient care excellence through technology is ingrained in the very fabric of RMS. Every initiative, every innovation, and every stride forward is underpinned by our core value of helping pharmacies leverage technology to deliver unparalleled patient care. 

So, in the spirit of innovation, here are 3 of our most informatic point-of-sale features geared toward exceptional patient care:

NutriButler by RMS

Serving your patients better health on a silver platter.

NutriButler by RMS seamlessly integrates with healthcare databases to identify nutrient depletions and safety risks associated with prescription medications as they're scanned at checkout. The system then populates evidence-based therapy recommendations tailored to offset potential side effects on your till screen, with the option to print them on a patient's receipt for further review. By facilitating easy access to this information at the point-of-sale, NutriButler not only empowers your staff to counsel with confidence, but ensures your patients are well-informed prior to starting their medication regimens. 

NutriButler's synergy between technology and patient care perfectly showcases how pharmacy informatics is paving the way to a new era in patient outcomes. Beyond its profit-generating potential, NutriButler is an accessible solution to expanding your pharmacy's clinical acumen and enhancing your patient care initiatives.

WillCall by RMS

Scan one barcode. No forgotten prescriptions. No wasted time.

WillCall by RMS redefines bin management by simplifying and streamlining the prescription sales process, without the burdensome costs and complexities associated with traditional bagging systems. WillCall's innovative approach allows for batch processing, enabling the consolidation of any two or more prescriptions under one barcode. WillCall adapts to your existing will call storage methodology, ensuring a seamless fit for your space and team. When patients arrive for pickup, a single barcode scan effortlessly completes the entire transaction, eliminating forgotten prescriptions and wasted time.

WillCall's user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness epitomize the essence of pharmacy informatics – leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency, minimize errors, and elevate the overall prescription management experience for both pharmacists and patients.

Meds-to-Beds by RMS

Increase patient compliance. Improve patient outcomes. Reduce re-admittance rates.

Meds-to-Beds by RMS is a comprehensive, outcome-focused solution that represents the future of patient-centered care for outpatient pharmacies. Meds-to-Beds allows you to bring the full power of your RMS point-of-sale system directly to your patients, with real-time transaction processing and full till functionality that can be used bedside, curbside, in the pharmacy, and anywhere in between. 

By optimizing the efficiency of medication distribution and enhancing patient engagement, Meds-to-Beds serves as a prime example of how technology and information science can be harnessed to elevate healthcare delivery.

A Final Note

Our commitment to patient excellence remains the driving force behind RMS. It is the guidepost for every technology we develop, ensuring each stride we take is rooted in our core values of efficiency, accuracy, and patient-centered care. 

Innovative solutions like NutriButler by RMS, WillCall by RMS, and Meds-to-Beds by RMS stand as testaments to the power of pharmacy informatics in redefining patient care – propelling us toward a future where patient outcomes are optimized, medication regimens are personalized, and healthcare is truly at the forefront of innovation.

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