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Make Mail Order Work For Your Pharmacy

The RMS integration with UPS WorldShip connects your RMS system with your WorldShip account to create orders and generate shipments.

Every pharmacy owner, manager, and team member performs many juggling acts each day. Working to strike the right balance between patient safety and efficiency, between care and profit, or between customer experience and convenience.   

Some of these pairs might be more at odds with each other than others. And the truth is every customer interaction should consider each factor, and probably a few others too. Of course, some, like patient safety, cannot be compromised on. Others, like convenience and, and the customer experience aren’t just determined by you, but by what the customers themselves are looking for.  

This is why it’s important to offer a range of service options in your pharmacy. And out of it too. A customer that needs counselling one day may not be able to make it into the pharmacy on another.  

We’ve talked about the benefits of home delivery, and how to make the most of transactions that aren’t happening in your store. But what about mail order?  

Many of the same rules apply.  Mail order can be strategically combined with med sync to maximize every package that goes out. This reduces costs and saves you time overall. You can also mail more than prescriptions to increase the profit margin in every package. And you also need to maximize efficiency.  

That’s where the RMS integration with UPS WorldShip comes in. The integration connects your RMS point-of-sale system with your WorldShip account to create orders and generate shipments. It also enables tracking of deliveries from the point-of-sale application.  

Here are some of the key functionality points.  

  • Text or email the customer with their order information, including tracking number. Reduce calls to and from your pharmacy for order status and updates. 
  • Customer demographic information is automatically pulled into the transaction, including address and phone number. You can also choose between multiple addresses.  
  • Enter your package information right from the till screen. Ring up your items, select the address, and then create your package.  
  • Print labels when you process the transaction, or choose to print label, depending on the workflow you prefer.  
  • Process payments using a card on file and print receipts to go with your label and package.  
  • See all of your pending mail order transactions in one simple report, including your tracking numbers and delivery status – which is updated by UPS at delivery. 
  • Review all of the delivery information including date and time.  

Best of all, the integration with UPS WorldShip is standard with every RMS system. All you need is RMS, and your own UPS WorldShip account and you’re all set! 

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