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All About Efficiency: 2 Time-Saving Point-of-Sale Features

It's time to implement some time-saving, efficiency-improving processes in your pharmacy. Learn about 2 new point-of-sale based options from RMS.

If you feel a little overwhelmed during the winter months, you’re not alone. A study posted in Psychology Today noted that while the holidays can bring joy and happiness, they can also bring stress, fatigue, and some other not-so-festive feelings. At the time of the survey, 38% of people surveyed said their stress level increased during the holiday season and 56% noted higher stress at work.

All of this makes it the perfect time of year to implement some time-saving, efficiency-improving tricks.

Here are two new options from RMS that can help you do just that!

Integration With UPS WorldShip

What it is: Built for the pharmacy that uses UPS WorldShip for their mail order program. The RMS/WorldShip integration connects your point-of-sale system with your WorldShip account and streamlines mail order processes from start to finish.

How it saves you time: The RMS/WorldShip integration allows you to bid farewell to hopping between your till application and UPS to create orders and generate shipments. It also enables you to track all of your deliveries from your point-of-sale application, rather than reviewing delivery history in UPS. Check out these efficiency-improving points:

  • Option to text or email the customer with their order information, including tracking number, means fewer calls to and from your pharmacy regarding order status and updates.

  • Customer demographic information is automatically pulled into the transaction, including address and phone number, with the option to choose between multiple addresses.

  • Enter your package information right from the till screen. Ring up your items, select the address, and then create your package.

  • Print labels when you process the transaction or later on in your workflow.

  • Process payments and print receipts to go with your label and package.

  • See all of your pending mail order transactions in one simple report, including your tracking numbers and delivery status - which is updated by UPS at delivery.

  • Review all of the delivery information including date and time.

How you get it: The RMS/WorldShip integration is built into the latest version of RMS software and available at no additional cost. You just have to have your own UPS WorldShip account.

Patient Counsel Queueing

What it is: Made for the pharmacy that does a lot of prescription volume but doesn’t counsel on every transaction. This feature separates your transaction processing from your patient counselling.

How it saves you time: Not every patient needs counseling. In other words, some transactions are much simpler and much quicker than others. For busy pharmacies, this feature can be a huge time-saver and help you allocate the right resources to the right places. Here’s how it works:

  • Scan your prescription and tender it as normal.

  • Select your option for counseling: (Yes and Counsel as Normal, No - Counsel Declined, or Queue to Counseling).

  • Send your prescriptions over to your counseling area or window.

  • Using the counseling queue at your counseling station, bring up the applicable patient record and complete counseling with notes and pharmacist information as usual.

  • Find all of your counseling notes in one easy-to-search spot.

How you get it: All RMS customers have to do is ask! We’ll help you set it up, provide some quick training and you’ll be ready to get started.

Ready to learn more about either of these new features? Check out this 11-minute demo to see them both!

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