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3 Useful Tools for Promoting Health & Wellness Services

It's resolutions season, and health & wellness is topping the charts. Help your customers reach their goals using these 3 promotional tools.

All the numbers for 2023 are in the books - benchmarks to be used as we try to make the new year better than the one preceding it. It’s common for goals to be set and resolutions to be made.

In any retail business, there’s always a goal to thrive, and hopefully even grow, year after year. And while they may be worded a little differently, most people’s personal resolutions don’t stray far from that same overarching goal.  

Unfortunately, many New Year's resolutions don't even make it to February. A 2021 study found that many people give up on resolutions somewhere around the 18-day mark.

Luckily for everyone, where there’s a common interest, you can often find mutual benefits. As your customers look for help and guidance to succeed with their resolutions, you may just find a way to make reaching your business goals a little easier.  

The first step is identifying areas in your pharmacy business that align with some of the most common resolutions. Luckily, those are some of the first statistics that 2024 has to offer. And, as usual, some of the top resolutions are health & wellness-centered.  

  • 48% of the respondents in a recent Forbes survey stated that improving fitness was their priority in the new year
  • 36% have goals surrounding mental health 
  • 34% have weight loss goals 
  • 32% resolve to improve their diet 
  • 12% want to stop smoking  

If you’ve read through that list and thought you might have some products & services to help, then your customers’ new year's resolutions and your business goals are probably aligned. The more that you can help your customers use the services you offer, the more they benefit. And, by extension, you do, too.  

As you promote your health & wellness services, consider some of the tools you can use to aid your efforts.  

Customer Loyalty 

Your customer loyalty program can be a powerful engagement tool when used for more than a points & rewards system. You can offer early access to registration for smoking cessation programs or weight loss groups, special pricing for health & wellness products, print special offers at the bottom of receipts and a whole bunch of other things.  

Supplement Recommendations 

Many of your patients may not realize that prescription medications may be negatively impacting them in other ways. Recommending supplements based on drug induced nutrient depletion can open the door to bigger wellness conversations, including how supplements might help them stay committed to their resolutions. 

Couponing & Promotions  

Be strategic about the promotions you offer during the first month of the year. You can create your own promotions and coupons, perhaps based on the items you sold most of during January the previous year. Or you can work with manufacturers’ coupons to reduce the impact on your bottom line. Digital couponing integrated with your point-of-sale makes it simple for customers to redeem offers, and for you to get paid back.  

Lastly, don’t forget to use your 2023 point-of-sale data to support your efforts. Product movement, traffic, inventory turns, and GPROI can all help you decide what products to promote and when the best days of the week to have sales might be.

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