3 Things We're Talking About at McKesson idea Share 2024

McKesson ideaShare is nearly here - and RMS has some buzzworthy pharmacy things to share. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re hyped about.

If we haven’t mentioned it before, we love pharmacy conferences. Each year, I look forward to the buzz of the tradeshow floor and the chance to see some of our customers from all over the United States. And of course, we are so excited to make new pharmacy friends each year, too!  

Every conversation we have at the upcoming McKesson ideaShare Conference will be a little different, but there will also be some common threads. Community pharmacies are all unique but often navigate the same types of challenges.  

With that in mind, we expect there will be a few buzzworthy things in the RMS booth this year. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re excited to talk to pharmacies about.  

Digital couponing is here to stay. 

The future of couponing arrived on the scene last year in the form of the 8112 Digital Coupon standard. RMS was the first point of sale provider to offer independent pharmacies the ability to accept these digital coupons. In fact, our integration with nData enabled our pharmacy customers to redeem these replacements to paper coupons even before big box stores. Today, digital coupons are on the rise and with major retailers beginning to adopt the standard, it’s more important than ever for independent retail pharmacies to get on board. Learn more about digital coupons here. 

Nutrient depletion is on the rise. 

We’ve been touting the benefits of drug-induced nutrient depletion counseling for years - and we still think it’s a no-brainer for any pharmacy that carries supplements. RMS has some exciting developments in the works for pharmacies wanting to make recommendations at prescription checkout based on fact-backed nutrient depletion data. If you haven’t hopped on the nutrient depletion bandwagon yet, now is the time. Learn more about nutrient depletion here and stay tuned for developments coming later this year!

Credit card fees don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.  

Come for the lower credit card fees, stay for... well, everything else! So many of our conversations with pharmacies start because they are locked-in to a specific processor with their existing POS system, and that processor is taking full advantage of the limitation. Paying too much for credit card processing doesn’t make any sense. Especially when alternatives can deliver more profit-building functionality along with credit card savings.  

Want to know more or have another hot topic to discuss?

Come see us at McKesson idea Share in the APCI Pavilion in Booth 1814 & on the main floor in Booth 807. We can’t wait to see you there! And if you’re not going to ideaShare, you can contact us anytime to chat about our profit-growing programs.  

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