Happy Holidays From RMS

Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays from our RMS family to yours! May all your days be merry & bright this season 🎉✨

You know movement and profit and margins and shrinkage

On hands and cash count and traffic and volume...

But do you recall

The most famous metric of all?

Bah dum, bum, bum...

Just kidding!  

With the holiday season in its final days and another year closing fast, I probably could write an entire song about how important metrics are to your pharmacy business.  

But no matter how I spin it, reports just aren’t as good as a little holiday magic. So in lieu of tips and tricks, and hours spent trying to rhyme “gross profit return on investment”, I’m going to take the opportunity to wish you all the happiest of holidays.  

We are grateful for our community of pharmacy professionals. Our hope is that your holiday season is filled with the same caring and kindness you bring to your neighborhoods each day.  

From our RMS family to yours... Happy Holidays!  

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