Grow Your Pharmacy Business with RMS and GiftYa

Whether your have an existing gift card program in your pharmacy or not, RMS' partnership with GiftYa can take gifting for your pharmacy to the next level.

Should your pharmacy offer store gift cards during the holiday season? The answer is probably yes.

For almost 15 years, gift cards have topped the list of the most requested holiday gifts. A convenient and easy way to gift no matter what the circumstances. In 2020, gift cards had a banner year as people looked for cashless, contactless ways to gift.

In 2021, this trend is likely to continue as supply chain concerns, shipping delays and the ultimate convenience factor drive more consumers to look at gift cards as a viable gifting option.

Gift cards are a no-brainer for any business. Not only are they popular, but giftees usually spend more than the balance of their gift card and take multiple trips to spend the balance.

However, running a gift card program isn’t as easy as flipping a switch and there are a few hurdles along the way. These are the top 3 concerns when implementing a gifting program:

1. Traditional physical gift cards represent an expense to the merchant.

They aren’t free to design and manufacture so thin margins become just a bit thinner with every gift card sale.

2. A system is required to manage those cards.

If you have a pharmacy point-of-sale system capable of issuing, tracking and redeeming gift cards that’s great! (This is a standard RMS point-of-sale feature.) However, this isn’t an option for everyone.

3. Most gift card programs run by local businesses require the gifter to come into the store to purchase the card.

Not a game changer, but not exactly convenient. Especially in today’s retail landscape.

So, what’s the solution to all of this? How can you take your piece of the gift card purchasing pie, or make your slice bigger if you already offer store branded gift cards?

We think it’s time to introduce you to GiftYa. A digital gifting platform that allows a sender to purchase a digital gift card online at participating retailers and send it real time with a customized video message via text.  It’s great as a standalone platform and compliments existing gift card programs as well. This short video shows just how easy it is for someone to send a GiftYa:


Now that you know how easy it is to send a gift using GiftYa, you might be interested in knowing how you can get your pharmacy listed as a merchant on GiftYa, and most importantly, how much it’s going to cost. And this might be the best part of all…

GiftYa is 100% free to merchants. There’s no transaction fee, they don’t take a piece of your revenue, and they don’t charge the recipient money to use their gift. The sender pays an initial fee to purchase the gift, and that’s it. And any pharmacy can sign up for GiftYa through RMS. You don’t need to have our point-of-sale system as there’s no integration required. Our partnership with GiftYa enables any pharmacy to take advantage of this great virtual gifting platform. All you have to do is click the button below to get started. You’ll fill in a few basic informational fields about your business and then the team at GiftYa will do the rest.

Sign me up for GiftYa today!

This is a crazy-easy and completely free way to drive more business in your pharmacy not only during the holidays, but all year round. Don’t miss out on a single gifting opportunity!

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