Announcing the CLIMB Virtual Summit, Presented by RMS!

What was the last thing you climbed? Maybe it was a stepladder to change a lightbulb. Perhaps something a bit more ambitious while completing outdoor chores? Or maybe you tackled a course in a climbing gym or roped up for a rock face challenge. Here’s the thing about climbing. There’s always something at the top that we are trying to reach. A […]

What was the last thing you climbed? Maybe it was a stepladder to change a lightbulbPerhaps something a bit more ambitious while completing outdoor chores? Or maybe you tackled a course in a climbing gym or roped up for a rock face challenge. 

Here’s the thing about climbing. There’s always something at the top that we are trying to reach. A goal to accomplish. It’s about solving a problem or bettering ourselves. Can climbing also be about bettering our businesses? 

In 2020, with the pharmacy industry responding to unprecedented and powerful changes, it’s time to find out. 

RMS is thrilled to announce the first ever CLIMB virtual summit. A live online event where some of our industry’s best will help you take the next steps in becoming a better pharmacy business  

On October 22nd, 2020 at 11 am EST, we’ll kick off this transformational event. In just 3 hours, we’ll create a foundation that will help your pharmacy become the most profitable and customer-centric it can be.  

Have we piqued your interest yet? Here are some more important things to know about CLIMB.  

CLIMB stands for Care, Lead, Innovate, Motivate and Balance. These 5 key tenets are more than a theme. They’ll serve as the foundation for everything you’ll learn during CLIMB. You’ll discover how using these values every day can elevate your pharmacy.  

Our featured speakers are amazing! We couldn’t be happier to partner with some of the best speakers around. We know they’ll deliver incredible knowledge and value. You can expect to hear from renowned leadership expert Terri Norvell, author and business coach Patti Mara, pharmacy expert Chris Cornelison, RJ Hedges Compliance specialist Becky Templeton, and of course RMS’ very own Brad Jones.  You can learn more about our featured speakers on the CLIMB website and get a peek at one more special guest that we know will bring the “Wow!”.  

CLIMB is a summit, not a trade show.  Spend a few hours with us. Invite your pharmacy managers, lead technicians, and anyone else you want to. Grab a few favorite snacks or order in some lunch. Have a pen and paper handy for capturing inspiration. Plop down in your favorite chair with a steaming mug of coffee. And then all you need to do is hit play. No need to navigate schedules or search for virtual booths. Our 3-hour agenda is chock full of education, inspiration, and we promise a bit of fun too.  

All pharmacies are welcome. CLIMB is for every pharmacy— big or small, independent or outpatient, one location or 100. There will be something (more than one something in fact!) for everyone 

CLIMB is not about point-of-sale-You don’t need to be an RMS customer or even in the market for a point-of-sale system to benefit from CLIMB. While we certainly think pharmacy point-of-sale is awesome, we know it takes so much more than technology to run a successful pharmacy business. At RMS, we’re passionate about helping pharmacies with every facet of their business. A passion that resides at the heart of CLIMB. 

It’s free if you use the special code in this post- Yup. You read that right. When you register using the code RMSBLOG we’ll waive the registration fee, normally $399.00.  

You can register, read all about our speakers, and learn more about the foundations of CLIMB by clicking here. I hope to see you on October 22nd! 

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