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Expert Tools for Multi-Location & Enterprise Pharmacy

Managing multi-location and enterprise pharmacies ain't easy, but these 5 savvy tools can help to streamline & optimize operations.

Managing a business of any sort is involved, to say the least. When you add the nuances of pharmacy, the challenges grow. And, if you are one of those pharmacy owners managing multiple locations, the struggle isn’t just real - it’s absolute.  

Multi-location pharmacies not only require solutions that enable them to function like an enterprise or independent chain, but they must do so while navigating the requirements unique to pharmacy. True pharmacy point-of-sale is a very specific tool. Multi-location and enterprise-level point-of-sale for pharmacies is much the same.  

Whether it’s 2 locations or 200, your multi-location pharmacy can benefit from some tools purpose-built for the pharmacy vertical and tailored to your operational needs.  

Here are a few that can help streamline your pharmacy operations.  

Centralized Reporting

Data is one of the most important things you get from your point-of-sale solution. Centralized reporting makes it easy to analyze everything that’s happening across your pharmacies in real time. The high-level view of key performance indicators (KPIs) that centralized reporting provides can help you make decisions quickly, efficiently and effectively.  

Centralized Product File Maintenace

Whether you have the same products and price at every store or differing products and prices, centralized management of your product catalog is a great way to streamline operations.

A few star features include:
  • Update products and pricing at the organization-, group-, or store-level.

  • Maintain companywide, standardized descriptions and categorizations while tracking your vendor costs across the organization.

  • Monitor the application of price updates as stores activate price updates and put out new shelf labels.  

Centralized Promotions

Your point-of-sale system is key to managing store promotions, and centralizing their planning and management across all locations is essential to maintaining a uniform front. This lessens the burden on each individual store, as all that's required of them is to set their signage prior to the sale going live. Promotion creation and maintenance is handled from head office, where they can then be downloaded to each participating store.

Centralized Customer Loyalty

Customers appreciate a consistent experience, such as not having to fill out the same form or answer the same questions multiple times if they visit different locations. Centralized management of customer-facing activities is an important part of delivering a uniformly positive experience. A great way to do this is by centralizing your loyalty program.

A few star features include:
  • Customers can earn and redeem loyalty points at any location.

  • Issue store branded gift cards that can be redeemed at any location.

  • Manage balances of house charge accounts.

  • Securely place a credit card on file that can be used at any location. 

Centralized Employee Management

Sometimes half the battle with multiple locations is ensuring compliance with organizational policies and procedures. That’s where centralized employee management comes in handy.

A few star features include:
  • Add/remove employees from headquarters and centrally manage their information.

  • Determine which stores they can access the system at, and what their user privileges are.

  • Enforce your access policies, like biometric login and password requirements from HQ.   

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