A Few Things We’re Looking Forward to in 2022!

Get excited; big things are happening in 2022! Here's a list of things we can't wait for.

The timer on 2021 is officially running out. Or maybe it already has by the time you’re reading this. (If so, Happy New Year!!)

Maybe you’re thinking about New Years resolutions. Or business and personal goals you’d like to attain. Or maybe, you’re just looking forward to the idea of a fresh start in a brand-new year.

As we look at what’s coming up in 2022, we realized we have quite a few things to be excited about in the pharmacy industry this year. Here’s what we’re looking forward to.

The return of in person shows.

Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing many of you in person in the coming months. RMS is excited to be participating in many pharmacy industry shows this year. First up, we’ll be in Orlando for the PDS Super Conference February 17-19, 2022.  And you’ll find us as usual at the major wholesaler shows like Cardinal and Amerisource Bergen’s ThoughtSpot. We’ll also be at many of the buying group shows like AAP in April, and APCI in March. Our schedule is still being finalized so stay tuned for news about where you can find RMS in person in 2022. We can’t wait to see all of our customers, and pharmacy friends, and hopefully make some new ones. Be sure to stop by and say “Hi!”.

P.S. Our first CLIMB of 2022 will feature a session on how to get the most out of pharmacy trade shows. We have a trade show expert joining us to talk about the best ways to optimize your time and trade show investments.

Exploring new opportunities for improving pharmacy profits.

We talked with 2 buying group experts at our December CLIMB Webinar. They talked about some of the opportunities they see for pharmacies in the coming year, like continuing to grow clinical services and bringing new life to pharmacy front end. We’re committed to helping pharmacies become more profitable through avenues like nutrient depletion recommendations and other clinical services. And as always, we remain passionate about helping pharmacies find profit through front ends big and small. (Check out this article to learn more!)

Another year of CLIMB Sessions.

Our trade show focused CLIMB in January is just the beginning. We’re ramping up for another year filled with new content to help pharmacies improve profits and customer-centricity through care, leadership, innovation, motivation, and balance. We’ll be talking with more industry experts and partners like buying groups, nutrient depletion experts and more. Plus, we’ll be kicking off a special series on how to find success with various clinical services so that you can find the services that are the best fit for your pharmacy.

More big things are coming!

We want to make 2022 amazing for our pharmacy customers, and the pharmacy industry overall. Stay tuned to the RMS pharmacy blog this year for the latest in industry news, new product releases and more!

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