Recognizing Excellence in Pharmacy – And How You Can Help

You inspire us! That's why we created the CLIMB Ascenders Program. Together, we can recognize deserving individuals/teams and share their stories.

At RMS, we’re inspired by the amazing work of pharmacies across the United States. Getting to hear stories of pharmacy teams that go above and beyond in their communities and having the opportunity to play even a small role in those stories is honestly one of the best things about what we do every day.

Your stories motivate us every day to be better than we were the day before.

But more than that, your stories have power, and value. They can motivate, teach and help other members of the pharmacy community succeed. At least, they do if you share them.

Last year, we decided it was high time to recognize the accomplishments of pharmacies in the U.S. (All pharmacies, not just RMS customers) and help them continue to support their communities.

The CLIMB Ascenders program was created to recognize excellence in pharmacy and to provide a place where any pharmacy can come to be inspired by the hard work of their peers.  Each month, we award a new Ascender and share their story on our monthly CLIMB webinar series. Winners also get to choose any educational organization to receive a $250 donation made on their behalf by RMS.

We hope that we can continue to grow the CLIMB Ascenders Program and support pharmacies that go above and beyond in their communities To do that, we need help from the experts in pharmacy excellence. (We mean you!!)

It’s easy to nominate a CLIMB Ascender and help us recognize deserving individuals and teams. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Look for leaders in your community.

Who do you know that’s going above and beyond? CLIMB Ascenders are leaders in their businesses and community. Innovators in care that help to motivate everyone around them.  A CLIMB Ascender can be a specific individual or an entire pharmacy team. And they don’t have to be an RMS customer.

Step 2: Nominate 

Nominating an Ascender is easy! Just fill out a few quick pieces of information for us including your information, contact info for your nominee (so we can tell them all about it!) and why you think they should join the CLIMB Ascenders.

Access the nomination form here!

Step 3:  Attend CLIMB on the second Thursday of each month.

Every month, at our CLIMB webinar, we’ll announce a new CLIMB Ascender! Join us to hear their story along with more great educational content.

Register for CLIMB!

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