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Patient Care

Why the Mobile Trend Matters to Your Pharmacy

We’ve all been hearing about mobile trends for a long time. Smart phones, tablets, even smart-watches have changed the way we live our lives. From...


4 Simple Time Saving Tricks For Your Pharmacy

My days never feel like I have enough time in them, between work and my daughter’s 6pm soccer practice, we barely make it home in time for dinner. Do...

Customer Loyalty

3 Ways to Improve Sales in your Pharmacy

People generally need more than they think they do. That’s the principle behind the sales training at the Container Store. It’s a strategy meant to...

Patient Care

3 Ways to be the Superhero in Your Pharmacy

What if we could have superpowers? It’s something most of us would daydream about when we were kids. If only we could fly or move at the speed of...

Customer Loyalty

4 Ways to Make Your Pharmacy Smarter

I remember when “clap on, clap off” for your lights was really cool. Or when my grandparents bought a light that dimmed and brightened based on a...

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