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Patient Care

New Definitions to Use in Your Pharmacy

There’s a scene in the movie, “The Incredibles 2” where Mr. Incredible is being defeated by his kids’ math textbook. Something to the effect of “why...


Avoid These Common Retail Pharmacy Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable, and a part of life. All the practice and expertise in the world won’t stop you from hitting a wrong note every once in a...

Customer Loyalty

What Does “Strategy” Actually Mean Anyway?

If you dive down the rabbit hole of trying to better your business in any meaningful way, you’re going to run into the idea of “strategy”. It’s...


What’s the Real Cost?

Cost vs. value is a tricky thing. How do you decide whether something is really worth the money you’ll spend on it? It’s a question we talk about...


Outpatient Hospital Pharmacies – Meet Bob!

Bob just got promoted for increasing hospital revenue and improving patient outcomes. Watch Bob’s story and see how he not only got things turned...


Pharmacy Owners – What’s Your Time Worth?

About a month ago, I went to wake up my kids, and noticed that my little boys weren’t quite so little anymore. Feet sprawled over their toddler sized...

Patient Care

Understanding When the Risk is Worth it

When I was in elementary school, I got the chicken-pox. My mother was well prepared with all of the traditional remedies but had determined that the...

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