Need Vs. Want. When to Replace Technology in Your Pharmacy

Earlier this year, I decided to purchase a new bike. A decision which I agonized over probably a bit too much. I couldn’t decide whether I would truly be

When to replace technology in your pharmacy

Earlier this year, I decided to purchase a new bike. A decision which I agonized over probably a bit too much. I couldn’t decide whether I would truly benefit from an investment in new equipment, or whether I was wanting something new, just for the sake of having something new.
This type of conundrum is pretty common. We don’t always necessarily need that new TV or maybe we could have gotten a few more miles out of a pair of tennis shoes. But sometimes things swing the other way. And a hesitation to make change leads us down a path fraught with unnecessary struggle.

While the answers may not always be right in front of you, asking a few specific questions can help you determine if it really is time to make a change. Apply these questions any time you have a major purchase decision to make in your pharmacy. (Or anywhere they come in handy!)

What’s the problem with what you have now? Identifying specific problems or pain points is the first step in determining if you need to make a change. General feelings of unrest, while completely real, don’t offer much in the way of guidance. So try to pin point what’s bothering you. Do you have growing pains? Are there regulatory concerns? Is customer service with your current partner a problem? Do you just wish you could do more with the tools you have? All of these are great places to start.

Can you take smaller steps to get where you need to be? Sometimes all we need is a new pair of shoelaces, not an entirely new pair of shoes. Take the time to work with your technology partners to find out if you can simply add functionality or upgrade components and software to make the difference you’re looking for. Many RMS customers start with the basics and then add functionality, lanes, and programs as their pharmacy business grows.

What’s out there that’s better? A little window shopping can’t hurt. Know what your options are, even if you are just in the very beginning stages of looking at new solutions.

Will the benefits outweigh the costs? Finally, we get to the question of cost. Both the cold hard cash figures and any other drawbacks you might have uncovered. . How will this prospective investment benefit you? How much time will you save? How many errors can you prevent? Quantifying value from a purchase isn’t always easy, but if you’re headed in the right direction, you should be able to get there

For me, the answers to these questions made it easier to make a final decision. No buyers remorse or regrets. I had outgrown what I had and it was time for me to move on.

Is it time for you?



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