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Brian Deckard

Vice President
RMS Team Member Since 2003

About Brian

In 2003 I was running the checkout line in a local grocery store while attending college.  I had a number of regular customers who always tried to go through my line, and one day, one of them asked me what I was studying in school. When I answered that I was studying computer technology, he handed me a business card and said I should come interview for a position with his company.  

The business card and job offer came from RMS president & CEO, Brad Jones.  I wasn’t really expecting that interaction to become a career, but it did.  I started as a part time employee in the production department, loading and shipping computers and am now the Vice President.

Work is a big part of my life. So much so that some think I’m obsessed (I am).  It probably doesn’t help that my wife, Karen, also works for RMS.  We often find ourselves discussing work and trying to solve problems after hours. And by discuss I mean that I talk about my latest development break through and she tries her best to stay interested, but eventually her eyes will glaze over and I’m pretty sure she either hears static or the teacher from Charlie Brown.  She’s my sounding board though and it’s great that we can share so much of our lives without getting too sick of each other.  I do find myself getting in trouble for working when she thought I was supposed to be taking leisure time and playing a video game. 

And if you wonder why I’d get in trouble for working instead of playing video games, it’s because time to relax is hard earned in the Deckard house. My wife and I are parents to twin 6 year old boys, Harrison & Owen, and they keep us busy.  Really really busy.We ski whenever we can during the winter, and love to run anytime they get an excuse to. They are also Lego obsessed and have developed a love of the Legend of Zelda video games, as well as Star Wars in all its forms. They also know what a Delorean is. I win at parenting. 

I’m also an avid cyclist and completed the 200 mile Seattle to Portland ride in 2019. STP was a lot of training hours, but my kids were eager to help by being towed around in trailers. And Karen was nice enough to let me pull the heavier kid and all the supplies. 

When I can, it’s nice to kick back with a few friends and have a board game night. I finally grew up enough that I enjoy a good bourbon (or a good craft beer anytime) while I attempt to crush my wife and friends at Settlers of Catan or Small Worlds.  I’m still trying to convince someone to play Munchkin Quest with me.  So far, no luck.  Any takers?

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