Independent Pharmacy

With POS from RMS, we have you covered, no matter what size your pharmacy.

RMS integrates with over 25 pharmacy management systems.

RMS Pharmacy POS Cash Register

Solutions that let you be on the go.

RMS EvolutionPOS

At curbside, front door, or in the aisle.

RMS Curbside Checkout

With a support staff dedicated to only pharmacy POS.

The Leader in Pharmacy POS Innovation

And over 1,000 installations nationwide!

Whatever your size, RMS has you covered. With 24/7 support.
Contact us today for a free consultation to determine the best fit.
Outpatient Pharmacy

With EvolutionPOS from RMS, one device can solve your patient discharge needs.

One device to take to a patient’s bedside.

RMS EvolutionPOS Outpatient Pharmacy POS

One device to ring up a prescription.

RMS EvolutionPOS Outpatient Pharmacy POS

One device to collect payment (cash, check or credit).

RMS Mobile Point-of-Sale

One device to capture signatures.

RMS Pharmacy Mobile POS

And, one device to print a receipt!


See why RMS is the Leader in Pharmacy Point-of-Sale Innovation.

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Retail Management Solutions is the industry leader in pharmacy point of sale technology for retail and outpatient pharmacies. Having installed more pharmacy POS systems in the independent and outpatient pharmacies than any other company, RMS has become the industry standard. Whether you operate a single register pharmacy, 15 register superstore, or have multiple locations, we have a fit for you. You can count on us for prompt service in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RMS is proud to be the only pharmacy POS software provider in the nation that focuses strictly on the pharmacy market.