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October 13th, 2022: Clinical Consulting for Pharmacies & A Deep Dive Into Star~Plus 8.3.3

  Full October Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from October!

  Clinical Consulting for Pharmacies

What is a clinical consulting pharmacist? Clinical consulting expert and founder of TM Pharmacy Consulting, Dr. Thea Blystone, has that answer and so much more in this deep dive conversation. Learn how to incorporate clinical consulting in your business model, what it takes to get started, and how to monetize this service. Best part? You're probably already doing some of the work that a clinical consulting pharmacist does. Now you can get paid for it!

  AfterCLIMB: A Deep Dive Into Star~Plus 8.3.3

Ever wonder what's next in the world of pharmacy point-of-sale? Join RMS CEO, Brad Jones, for a look at some of the new features available in our latest version of RMS software, Star~Plus version 8.3.3.

September 9th, 2022: Fun With Front End

  Full September Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from September!

  Fun With Front End

Yes, we did say "fun"! Your front end is the one place in your pharmacy where you have complete control over everything; what you carry, how you display it, what your price is and so much more. So, why not make the most of it? Get passionate about your front end to grow your customer base, increase sales and improve profits! Hosted by RMS CEO and front end aficionado, Brad Jones.

AfterCLIMB: ROI Reporting

What data do you need to truly understand how your front end is doing? The return on investment report is your one stop shop for great insight on the success of your departments, finelines and individual products. Check out how to access and use this report in the RMS system.

August 11th, 2022: Making Your Pharmacy A Destination

  Full August Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from August!

  How to Make Your Pharmacy A Destination

Duran Central Pharmacy in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a true destination. Pharmacist & Pharmacy Owner, Mona Ghattas has curated her front end and pharmacy services to make her pharmacy stand out, even in a city full of competition. Watch this eye-opening session and learn the ways you can turn your pharmacy business into a destination!

  AfterCLIMB: Any Vendor Purchase Orders

Check out our new feature that allows you to purchase from multiple vendors in one quick and easy process!

July 14th, 2022: Best of CLIMB

Coming soon!

June 9th, 2022: Pharmacy Industry Trends & Credit Card Processing

  Full June Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from June!

  Pharmacy Industry Trends with Todd Eury

Pharmacy Podcast Network Founder & CEO, Todd Eury joins CLIMB for a look at pharmacy industry trends and what resources pharmacies can use to grow their businesses in 2022. Plus, a special announcement for anyone attending RBC 2022!

  What's on Your Credit Card Processing Statement?

This deep dive discussion is all about credit card processing. Payments experts, Chris Ross and Ryan Williams, share answers to the most commonly asked questions about credit card processing and share insight on what pharmacies can do to make sure they are getting the best rate.

May 12th, 2022: Chronic Care Management

  Getting Clinical - Chronic Care Management Services for Success

This info and inspiration packed panel on chronic care management features Dr. Thea Blystone, Dr. Kathy Campbell, and Dr. Travis Wolff. These industry experts and pharmacy business innovators share essential knowledge for pharmacies looking to improve their clinical services game with services like Diabetic Self Management Training, Weight Loss counselling, Telehealth, Clinical Collaboration and more!

April 14th, 2022: Supplement Counselling Programs

Nutrient Depletion - Beyond the Supplement Sale

Pharmacist and Ortho Molecular Products Brand Manager Harry Jablonski is joined by Pharmacist and Nutrient Depletion expert Jeff Robins for a deep dive into supplement recommendations based on drug induced nutrient depletion. Learn how Jeff redefined his pharmacy business and grew supplement sales over 6 figures in a single month. Not with sales tactics or upselling, but through genuine patient care and knowledge.

  AfterCLIMB - NutriButler by RMS

RMS Founder & CEO Brad Jones shares a look at how you can easily make recommendations based on drug induced nutrient depletion using your RMS point-of-sale system. Plus, special guest Chris Cornelison shows us how to bring it all together for a successful therapy recommendation program.

March 10th, 2022: Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring and Your Pharmacy: What You Need to Know

Amina Abubakar and Bob Lomenick are back at CLIMB to dive into remote patient monitoring. Learn how this service works, why you should get on board, and how to create the best RPM program. 

  AfterCLIMB: RMS Credit Card Processing Options

Join RMS Director of Sales and Marketing, Karen Deckard for AfterCLIMB. Our March session is all about demystifying your credit card processing options. 

February 10th, 2022: Cost Plus Drugs. The Impact. The Challenge. The Opportunities

What Does Cost Plus Drugs Mean for Your Pharmacy? 

Will Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs impact your pharmacy business? What are the dangers to local and retail pharmacy? What are the proactive steps you can take now? Join Hartig Drug CEO, Charlie Hartig for a discussion on challenges, solutions and opportunities. 

Key Communication Strategies to Reduce Customer Attrition

You don't have to have a big marketing budget to have a big voice in your community. Join Business Coach & Consultant, Emily Cannata along with RMS Director of Sales & Marketing, Karen Deckard for a deep dive on how the value you bring to your patients is actually your biggest marketing asset. Learn the key strategies that can help you define your messaging and reduce customer churn.

AfterCLIMB: WillCall by RMS

Have you seen RMS' built in will call management system? WillCall by RMS is a part of every RMS system and enables you to easily batch multiple prescriptions under a single barcode for super fast checkout. Reduce forgotten prescriptions and errors and save time. Plus, this will call solution won't break the bank. See our latest updates based on customer feedback in our February AfterCLIMB WillCall deep dive with Brad Jones.

January 13th, 2022: Tradeshow Success & Evaluating Your POS

 Full January Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from January!

 Tips & Tricks for Tradeshow Success

In-person tradeshows are back in 2022!  Let our trade show expert, Gayanne Gromm help you decide which shows to attend, set conference goals, and make the most of every minute.

 Evaluating Your Pharmacy POS System

Pharmacy point-of-sale plays an integral role in pharmacy success. However, many pharmacies see it as a "necessary evil" and simply go along with the built-in system from their pharmacy management system provider. This may be the right option for your pharmacy; but there may be key solutions you are missing that can help you make more money, improve efficiency and so much more. Check out this review on how to evaluate your pharmacy POS system.

December 9th, 2021: Buying Group Benefits & Important Reports for Your Pharmacy

  An Introduction to Buying Group Cooperatives

Think you know everything there is to know about buying groups? This deep dive panel discussion might just convince you otherwise. Join AAP VP of Sales Wayne Boese and APCI VP of Sales Mark Million to learn how to get the most out of your buying group relationship.

  End of Year Pharmacy Reporting

Your front end can be a profit center! No matter the size. No matter how much trouble it’s caused you until now. Power a profitable front end in 2022 with data from 2021. Learn what numbers can help you make informed business decisions.

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones – Sales and Profit Analysis Reporting

What products are moving? What departments need to be evaluated? In short, are you optimizing your front end by making smart inventory decisions based on point-of-sale data? The Sales & Profit Analysis Report might just be the most valuable report in the RMS system. 

November 11th, 2021: Innovating to Drive Traffic to Your Pharmacy

  How to Drive More Traffic to Your Pharmacy

DiversifyRx CEO Dr. Lisa Faast joins us to talk about an easy way that you can drive more traffic to your pharmacy. No expensive advertising or spendy marketing campaigns needed.

  Get on Board with Digital Gifting

Whether you have an established gift card program, or not, the digital gifting trend is set to take off. Your pharmacy can be part of the movement. And the best part is you don’t have to spend a penny. Check out this session on why digital gifting is important for independent businesses, and how you can get on board.

  Improve Your Online Presence to Increase Foot Traffic and Pharmacy Profitability

Learn how to get your pharmacy products online so customers searching for products, services, and businesses near them can find your pharmacy.

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones - RMS Promo Manager

Learn how to set up promotions in your RMS system with this deep dive from RMS CEO Brad Jones.


October 14th, 2021: CLIMBiversary Special!

  Full October Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from October!

  Pharmacy in a Complaint Free World

Join Will Bowen, an expert on complaints and founder of the Complaint Free Movement, as he discusses why complaints happen, how to address them, and how to get yourself and others to stop.

  Lessons in Balance, Motivation and Failing Forward

Dr. Emily Johnston is a full time badass. Emily brings a unique perspective on failure, what it takes to truly lead, and how to find balance in this one-on-one interview with RMS CEO Brad Jones.

  Finding Your Path to Success

Colin Cowherd explores what separates the successes from the failures, what it takes to be an inspirational leader, and what you can expect from your NFL teams this season!

  Overcoming Challenges in Your Pharmacy Business

Join Pharmacist and Pharmacy Owner Trish White, Pharmacy Manager and Owner Debbie Larsen, RMS Founder Brad Jones and special guest moderator Business Coach Emily Cannata for deep dive into the challenges pharmacies have faced over the last year. Learn the secrets of these successful businesses!

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones – Advanced Gift with Purchase

See how to take your customer loyalty program to the next level by using Advanced Gift with Purchase. Brad Jones shows you how! 

September 9th, 2021: Compliance Updates, Top Metrics & Customer Loyalty

  Full September Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from September! See all of our sessions on compliance, metrics, customer loyalty and more! Plus, get all of the details on our special October CLIMBiversary event!

  School’s in Session – What’s Your Pharmacy’s Grade? 

Learn CPA and Business Coach John Marshall’s top 10 pharmacy metrics. See how to use them, discover why they are so important and then put them to work by giving your pharmacy a grade. 

  Inspections, Audits and Compliance in 2021

RJ Hedges & Associates Vice President Becky Templeton shares the most important compliance updates for pharmacies to be aware of in the last months of 2021 and moving into 2022. Are you ready for what’s next?

Download RJ Hedges' Top 5 Compliance Things to Know here.
Download the CMS Inspection List here.
Download the DEA Controlled Substances Audit Checklist here.
Download the Power of Attorney for DEA Forms 222 here.

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones – Customer Loyalty

Watch the deep dive into RMS’ Customer Loyalty Program. Learn the essential components of a pharmacy customer loyalty program, discover best practices and bring it all together with the RMS Pharmacy POS system. 

August 12th, 2021: Cash Flow Continued, Profitability & NutriButler by RMS

  Full August Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from August ! See all of our sessions on cash flow, profitability and nutrient depletion. Plus, find out who won the August CLIMB Ascender award and more!

  Cash Flow and Your Pharmacy Business: The Case for Transparent Pricing Models

Join Cortland Data Partner Craig Robinson and Pharmacist/Pharmacy Owner Joe Daugherty for a look at cash flow in the pharmacy business. This is a real world success story full of valuable takeaways for pharmacies looking to make meaningful changes and grow their businesses.

  What Are You Leaving on the Table? A Conversation on Pharmacy Profitability With Robbie Stokes

Join Robbie Stokes and Brad Jones for a discussion on how to improve cash flow and profitability in your pharmacy. Learn the small changes that can yield big results and gain a better understanding of the things every pharmacy can do to build a stronger pharmacy business.

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones – NutriButler

Take a deep dive into the RMS point-of-sale system with Brad Jones. In this episode, Brad shows you how NutriButler works for making supplement recommendations based on drug-induced nutrient depletion. Plus, special guest Chris Cornelison joins us to share some pointers on how to bring it all together!

July 8th, 2021: Cash Flow & RMS Delivery

  Full July Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from July! See all of our sessions on cash flow, find out who won the July CLIMB Ascender award and more!

  5 Quick Cash Flow Tips with Dr. Lisa Faast

Learn 5 quick tips for improving pharmacy cash flow from DiversifyRx CEO, Dr. Lisa Faast. Stay tuned after Lisa’s presentation for a Q&A with Lisa and RMS CEO, Brad Jones.

  Cash Flow Fundamentals with Craig Robinson

RMS CEO Brad Jones and Cortland Data Partner Craig Robinson discuss cash flow essentials in part 1 of our cash flow series.

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones – RMS Delivery

Take a deep dive into the RMS point-of-sale system with Brad Jones. In this episode, Brad shows you how the RMS delivery Module works. 

June 10th, 2021: Business Growth & Finelines

  Full June Broadcast

Watch the full CLIMB broadcast from June, including Q&A with Terri Norvell and Olivia Bentley. Plus, a super special CLIMB Ascenders award. 

  Business Growth Formula.. In Action for Your Success!

Terri Norvell is joined by Amity Medical Group CEO Olivia Bentley to take a deep dive on business growth. Hear about real world challenges and solutions. Get ready to get inspired!

Download Terri's slide deck here.

AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones: Fineline Codes and How to Adapt

In June’s AfterCLIMB Special, learn all about finelines and how they work in the RMS point-of-sale system with this product deep dive. Hosted by RMS founder & CEO Brad Jones. 

May 13th, 2021: Employee Wellness & Leadership Training

  Empowering Your Pharmacy Team Through Leadership and Training

Your pharmacy team is your most valuable asset. Help them succeed through leadership and training. Leadership expert Terri Norvell and RMS Founder Brad Jones talk about they why and the how, including actionable takeaways.
Download the One-on-One Coaching Form here.

  Employee Wellness

Give your employees the resources and support they need to be successful in their roles. Emily Cannata shares actionable tips and advice from pharmacy leaders on how to make employee wellness a priority in your pharmacy. 
Download the Employee Wellness Overview here.

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones – What’s new at RMS

See features from RMS’ version 8.3.2 and get a look at WillCall by RMS before general release. 

April 8th, 2021: Increasing Pharmacy Gross Profit Margin

  Who’s In Charge Here? Increasing Your GPM with Robbie Stokes

Shrinking profit margins represent an ongoing struggle for pharmacies. Learn about Robbie’s formula for improving gross profit margin so that you can run a more successful and profitable pharmacy business. 
Download Robbie's slide deck here.

  A Conversation with Robbie Stokes

The questions were flying in after Robbie’s April presentation on improving GPM. Check out this in depth Q&A featuring Robbie Stokes and Brad Jones. It’s filled with great audience questions and information. 

  After CLIMB with Brad Jones – Separating Pricing & Receiving 

Dive into important pricing and inventory strategies with RMS CEO Brad Jones in this RMS tutorial. 
Download Brad's slide deck here.

March 11th, 2021: Pharmacy Front End & Financial Investments

  Success with Pharmacy Front End

Improve pharmacy profitability with smart management of your front end, add on sales, and more. Stephanie Zimmerman, Gary Glisson and Brad Jones host this informative panel.

  Financial Investments for Every Stage of Life and Business

Financial Consultant Ernest Nesmith provides actionable investment recommendations for every stage of life. From planning for your children’s future, to high level business investments.

  After CLIMB with Brad Jones – RMS Perpetual Inventory and Inventory Counting

The key to higher pharmacy profits might just be in how you manage your front end. Find out how Perpetual inventory and inventory counting processes can help your pharmacy. 
Download Brad's slide deck here.

February 6th, 2021: MedSync & Important Tax Season Info

  Medication Synchronization for Every Pharmacy

Prepare to be motivated! Pharmacist, pharmacy owner and medication synchronization pioneer Bob Lomenick shares the secret sauce for running a successful pharmacy business, and still making it to every family dinner and little league game. 

  Pandemic Relief and Legislation- What You Need to Know

Scotty Sykes from Sykes and Company P.A. shares information about important changes that occurred in 2020 and what pharmacies need to know about pandemic relief and legislation this tax season. This is a great session for pharmacy owners to watch ASAP! 

  AfterCLIMB with Brad Jones – RMS Inventory Management

The key to higher pharmacy profits might just be in how you manage your front end. Find out how RMS’ powerful inventory management solution can help you maximize profitability in your pharmacy when you watch this RMS product deep dive. 
Download Brad's slide deck here.

January 14th, 2021: Clinical Services Month

 Expert Insights on Clinical Services – A Panel Discussion

See this amazing panel discussion featuring Amina Abubakar, Blair Thielemier and Jim Cammarata. There’s something for every pharmacy to learn.

 Seize the Day – A New Day and New Possibilities

Pam Piotrowski, Product Manager for TRC healthcare, discusses the opportunities created through clinical services and provides valuable insight on taking next steps.
Download Pam's slide deck here.

  AfterCLIMB Special – Sales and Profit Analysis Reporting

This might just be the most valuable report in the RMS system. What can you learn from it? Watch this special tutorial from RMS CEO Brad Jones.

December 10th, 2020: Covid-19 Vaccination

 The Covid-19 Vaccine – What Pharmacies Need to Know

We’re joined by a panel of pharmacists and compliance expert Jeff Hedges to talk about the Covid-19 Vaccine and what pharmacies need to know when getting ready to administer.

  Live a Thousand Years – The Big Reset

Giovanni Livera gives an inspiring presentation on balancing our lives and finding motivation to achieve our goals. Get ready to reset with Giovanni.

  AfterCLIMB Special – To Hold or Not to Hold?

This might just be the most valuable report in the RMS system. What can you learn from it? Watch this special tutorial from RMS CEO Brad Jones.
Watch clearance demo here.

November 12th, 2020: Probiotics, Nutrient Depletion & Medicare Open Enrollment

  Full November Webinar

Get the full CLIMB experience. See the November CLIMB Webinar from beginning to end!

  Customer-Centric Care – Probiotics

Join Chris Cornelison to learn how probiotics can be a game changer for your pharmacy. Improving patient outcomes and boosting profits. 
Download Chris' slide deck here.

  Point-of-Service-Based Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

Brad Jones and TRC Healthcare Product Manager Pam Piotrowski talk about the benefits of POS based supplement recommendations in an interview hosted by Giovanni Livera.

  Medicare Open Enrollment

Safeguard your profits and help your patients. Our expert panel discusses how to make the most out of Open Enrollment in your pharmacy. 

  Charitable Giving 101

Learn some ways to incorporate charitable giving into your every day business model with RMS founder & CEO Brad Jones.
Download Charitable Giving Worksheet here.

  November Q&A

All of the guests from our November Webinar take audience questions on Open Enrollment, Nutrient Depletion, Checkout Charity and more. 

October 22nd, 2020: Our very first CLIMB Summit featuring every core tenet.

  Join the CLIMB Movement – Opening Keynote

RMS CEO Brad Jones discusses how you can use CLIMB to become a more profitable and customer-centric pharmacy.

  How Challenge Becomes Your Biggest Opportunity

Business coach and author Patti Mara shares insight on how to innovate using data and unlock the goldmine in your pharmacy.
Download Patti's slide deck here.

  Up Solutions to Leverage Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion

Pharmacist and entrepreneur Chris Cornelison talks nutrient depletion and ways to improve both patient care and profitability.
Download Chris' slide deck here.
Download the worksheet here.

  Compliance, Contingencies and Covid

Becky Templeton with RJ Hedges & Associates talks the latest compliance updates and how to plan for the unexpected in your pharmacy.
Download Becky's slide deck here.
Download Contingency Planning Worksheet here.

 Cracking the Code to Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Certified Business Growth Specialist Terri Norvell gives you the keys to accomplishing your goals through leadership.
Download Terri's slide deck here.
Download the Leadership Worksheet here.

  Prioritizing Professional and Personal Goals

What’s the most valuable currency you have? According to Chief Wondermaker Giovanni Livera, it’s TIME.

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