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March 2023:
All About Pharmacy Marketing

Marketing works a little differently for pharmacies as it does for traditional retailers, spanning from patient education to physician relationships, community engagement, and so much more. Learn how you can grow your pharmacy business through traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies with Emily Cannata & Lisa Baker.

February 2023:
Credit Card Surcharges

Are you placing a surcharge on credit card transactions? You're not alone, as many retailers have added surcharges to combat high credit card fees. If you are surcharging, or considering it, check out this AfterCLIMB where we talk about some important things you need to know.

February 2023:
The Next Evolution of Pharmacy Services

There's a new face in town when it comes to pharmacy technology: The self-service kiosk. What do these solutions look like? How do they work? Are they right for your pharmacy? We cover these questions and more in this fantastic segment featuring two industry experts from Comco Systems.

January 2023:
Pharmacy Trends, Opportunities & Challenges for 2023

Pharmacy owner and DiversifyRx CEO, Dr. Lisa Faast joined us to discuss the trends pharmacies should pay attention to in 2023 and what opportunities are ready to be seized. Plus, Lisa gave us the low down on one of the biggest new challenges facing pharmacies, and how you can prepare. Don't miss this information-packed session!

January 2023:  
New Enhancements & Features in 2023

Join Brad Jones in this AfterCLIMB session for a quick look at a few new point-of-sale features in 2023.

December 2022:
Vaccine Programs: Tips to Drive Traffic & Increase Sales

An immunization program could be growing your pharmacy business, one vaccine at a time. This one-on-one with Ghada Abukuwaik, RPh covers why vaccines are such an important part of pharmacy, how they improve patient care and drive profitability, key pillars of immunization programs, challenges and how to overcome them, plus so much more.

December 2022:
Hardware for Inventory Management

You know all about RMS' software solutions for inventory management, but have you seen the hardware that brings it all together? See how a wireless handheld device makes your inventory processes faster and easier in this AfterCLIMB session.

November 2022:
#PharmacyBoss: Tips for Better Pharmacy Management

It's time to go to business school. Professor of Business & Pharmacy Consultant, Emily Cannata dropped by to talk about how the perfect blend of business management & patient care can lead to happier employees, better customer service and a healthier bottom line.

November 2022:  
UPS WorldShip & Patient Counsel Queuing

Did you know RMS integrates with UPS WorldShip? In this AfterCLIMB segment, RMS CEO, Brad Jones shows you how this simple feature works, along with a deep dive into patient counsel queuing.

October 2022:
Clinical Consulting with Dr. Thea Blystone

Clinical consulting expert and founder of TM Pharmacy Consulting, Dr. Thea Blystone joined us on CLIMB to teach us all about clinical consulting. In this one-on-one, you'll learn how to how to incorporate it into your business model, what it takes to get started, and how to monetize this service.

October 2022:
Star~Plus 8.3.3 New Features

Ever wonder what's next in the world of pharmacy point-of-sale? Join RMS CEO, Brad Jones in this AfterCLIMB session for a look at some of the new features available in our latest version of RMS software, Star~Plus version 8.3.3.

September 2022:
Fun With Front End

Yes, we did say "fun"! Your front end is the one place in your pharmacy where you have complete control over everything; what you carry, how you display it, what your price is, and so much more. So, why not make the most of it? Get passionate about your front end to grow your customer base, increase sales and improve profits! Hosted by RMS CEO and front end aficionado, Brad Jones.

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