Download our Pharmacy POS Buyer's Checklist.

One of the most critical decisions a pharmacy has to make when it comes to technology is which point-of-sale system will meet their needs.  Think about it – every dollar in your store will go through your POS system, giving you the data you need to make the necessary decisions in your business.

In this checklist, we've broken it down to the 5 major things your POS should be doing for you:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Improve staff efficiency, allowing them to do more important tasks
  • Reduce your costs by saving you money on credit card processing fees 
  • Make you money with ancillary services 
  • Provide you with easy to evaluate data to make better business decisions

Use this list to evaluate your current system and/or any system you are considering switching to. Make sure your POS will serve your pharmacy's best interests!

POS Buyers Checklist

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