Shane Bieleski | Director of Technology | Retail Management Solutions
Shane Bieleski

Director of Technology
RMS Team Member Since 2008

About Shane

As a 90’s kid, I had the treat of growing up right at the start of mainstream technology and the now ever present, Internet. I was able to appreciate the slow manual process of perusing through a thick as $@!# encyclopedia for information but welcomed the days of a random sesh of Encarta or Encyclopedia Britannica from our old Gateway desktop PC or from the (totally obviously old) public school computer lab. It was at this time that I began to appreciate technology and everything you could accomplish with it presently and everything it might be able to achieve in the future. So of course I would spend hours downloading wallpapers and random sound bites from The Simpsons every day, or try to make a masterpiece given only my hands and tools of MS Paint.
As the years progressed and new technology emerged I was always striving to save up for the latest and greatest and excited to find out what ideas and products were coming to fruition in the industry. This mindset followed me to College as I enrolled at St. Martin’s University in 2006 focusing on computer science and business. After a fun 4 years, I earned my BA in Business Administration with a concentration of Management in 2010. I’ve been with Retail Management Solutions since the fall of 2008 and have enjoyed working with the latest technologies and innovations in the industry throughout the years.   
Outside of my work at RMS I enjoy spending time with the girlfriend and my Chiweenie (half Chihuahua/half Dachshund). Every day I strive to be creative by designing various aspects of video games such as levels and artwork, drawing, listening to and making music; anything that allows me to create something unique. Because of some unknown repressed memory, I’m obsessed with glow sticks (or just about anything that glows weird colors) and various lighting paraphernalia such as Lanterns. I love seeing movies, concerts and travelling to Museums to explore old Mining and logging history. Cotton candy is one of the greatest flavors for any type of edible product (well mostly…) I have never had a street taco that failed to delight my palate (they’re in my top 3, followed by tacos and nachos. Get it?) I have a penchant for anything Pixar. There are few things in nature that terrify me more than swamps do and you will probably never see me attempt skydiving yet I enjoy flying and wouldn’t mind retiring on a sailboat or near the water.
And with that, as a published poet, I leave you with this gem (This is seriously published, like in a book…that was sold to people. Grammatical errors and all)

Her and Me –
The moon was bright
but she was out of sight.
I looked around and could not hear.
I wondered if she was still near.
I looked again and saw her there so
I stood on my feet as she started to stare.
She looked at me and I looked at her.
Like looking in a rustic mirror.
I knew what she felt and what she would see.
I knew now that I was meant to be.
I knew that she was ready to see.
That all that was left, was just her and me.