Copy of Unnamed Design (47)
Deanna Norton

Administrative Assistant
RMS Team Member Since 2020

About Deanna

Born and raised in Washington state, I’ve also lived in California and Arizona. My husband and I just love Arizona!  We’ve been married 30+ years, no kids, just lots of beloved pets over the years as they continue to adopt us. I have two siblings (a sister and brother) and I’m the middle child.

I enjoy visiting family and friends or just doing things around the house and hanging around our wonderful cat and dog. They make us smile.

I don’t really have a hobby right now but am considering. Mosaics, maybe? Talked about doing some hiking, perhaps. I enjoy watching tv. Some shows I enjoy are The Middle, The Blacklist, the original Star Trek episodes plus The Next Generation, Bluebloods, Chicago Med, Fire, and PD.

Some of my favorite movies are The Avengers (all), Guardians of the Galaxy (can hardly wait for next one), Star Wars (of course), Groundhog Day (I can watch repeatedly), and Home Alone 1&2 (which I seriously can watch anytime of the year).

I am happy to be part of the great team at RMS and just might be one of the first voices you hear when you call. I look forward to assisting you soon!