Customer Profiles

Keith Bibelhausen, Hartig Drug: Centralized Control is Key to Success

Over its 102-year history, Hartig Drug has grown into a chain of 15 stores in three states across the central United States, from Mississippi in the South to Wisconsin in the North. Hartig also owns a long-term care pharmacy and a DME business.

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RMS - Hartig Drugs Stores Case Study

Bill Hayes, Haworth Apothecary

“The RMS POS System has helped us improve customer service in many ways. We deal with a huge amount of data, and RMS allows us to filter through and get exactly what we are looking for."

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RMS - Haworth Apothecary Case Study

Josh Lemm, Center Drug

“Working with the RMS system has absolutely made a huge difference in how we do business."

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RMS - Center Drug Profile

Dirk & Trish White, Harry Race Pharmacy and White’s Pharmacy

The challenges Dirk and Trish White face are in may ways typical of independent pharmacists. Along with their general manager, Dori Welch, Dirk and Trish run Harry Race Pharmacy & Photo, a traditional downtown store of 4,700 square feet, and the 3,800 square-foot White's Pharmacy in a nearby strip mall.

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RMS Harry Race Pharmacy and White's Pharmacy Customer Profile
RMS POS Ebook: Emergence of the Mobile Cash Register
Huntsville Hospital EvolutionPOS bedside delivery
Retail Management Solutions is the industry leader in pharmacy point of sale technology for retail and outpatient pharmacies. Having installed more pharmacy POS systems in the independent and outpatient pharmacies than any other company, RMS has become the industry standard. Whether you operate a single register pharmacy, 15 register superstore, or have multiple locations, we have a fit for you. You can count on us for prompt service in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RMS is proud to be the only pharmacy POS provider in the nation that focuses strictly on the pharmacy market.