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The Leader in Pharmacy Point-of-Sale Innovation

Retail Management Solutions has become the industry leader in pharmacy point-of-sale innovation. Our centralized focus on pharmacies allows us to continually respond to the needs of our ever-changing marketplace. We are committed to offering products and services on the cutting edge of technology, like our latest mobile technology, EvolutionPOS.

Our trainers and support staff understand the pharmacy environment, because that’s all we deal with. When you call our 24/7 toll-free support line, your support representative knows about the pharmacy industry and understands the environment in which you are working.

RMS has scalable solutions that meet your needs, whether you own a single-register apothecary, a 15-register superstore, or multiple locations.

Successful pharmacies rely on RMS systems.

More independent pharmacies choose RMS POS systems than any other – for profitability, efficiency and reliability.


RMS cares as much about pharmacies as we do about our community. Watch our VP of Sales and Marketing, Mike Gross, discuss what we are about at a recent conference:
Our Pharmacy POS Solutions


Designed with the clinic and apothecary in mind. Experience the powerful benefits of point-of-sale technology at an affordable price.


Everything you ever wanted from a POS system! The most robust pharmacy POS system in the industry.



Real-time communication from site to head office gives you up-to-the-minute sales history, inventory levels, and transaction detail in each of your stores.


RMS EvolutionPOS Mobile POS for Pharmacies
RMS Pharmacy POS Library
"We operate with a large front end that includes gifts, home decor, soda fountain and a gift basket service. I don't know how we (or any drug store) would manage without a good POS system. The efficiency and accuracy that we have gained enables our staff to resolve matters quickly and instills customer confidence." – Josh Lemm, Head Pharmacist, Center Drug, Hopkins, MN