Consider Adding These Great Additions to your RMS POS System!


Evolution POS - Mobile Delivery for Meds-to-Beds and Curbside Pickup Programs!

Sales transactions no longer need to be tied to a counter or check stand. A better way to provide efficient, effective customer service is to handle payment, tracking and other pharmacy point of sale system functions from a portable transaction terminal. That's exactly what EvolutionPOS for Pharmacy, our mobile pharmacy POS solution does.





Wireless Signature Capture for Home Delivery

At a time when competition from chain stores is fiercest, the question arises - how do I efficiently increase script volume? Now you can extend the reach of your pharmacy to the customer's home by implementing RMS' Mobile Delivery Option. Coupled with credit card tokenization, this becomes a powerful solution to grow revenue and improve
customer service.




Wireless Delivery M1-2.png

Wireless Inventory PDA

In today's cut-throat competitive pharmacy environment, pharmacies are turning towards mobile technology to:

  • Manage on-hand inventories
  • Create Promotions more easily
  • Offer line-busting when lines get extended
  • Receive merchandise more efficiently
  • Create purchase orders by scanning inventory
Implementing a wireless PDA for advanced inventory management will increase margins, reduce excess inventory while improving stock turns and customer service!
Inventory pda.png

Wireless Drive-Thru iPad Signature Capture Solution

Easily capture drive-thru signature on an iPad!

Tired of handing out a cabled signature pad out your drive-thru window?  We don't blame you, which is why we came up with our wireless drive-thru solution.  Easily hand out either an iPad or mini-iPad to your customer to collect all signatures that you would typically collect in-house.  Customer hands you their credit card for payment, and in return, they can be signing for:

  • Safety Caps
  • Prescription Pickup
  • Psuedoephedrine Purchases
  • Credit Card
  • Controlled Rx's
  • and several other signatures


What could be easier?  Note, some signatures are Pharmacy Management System specific.  Ask your sales rep for details. 

Wireless sig capture on ipad mini2-2.png

Ortho Molecular Products Nutrient Depletion Integration

Nearly 50% of all adults take at least one prescription medication. These medications often lead to the depletion of critical nutrients. The Digital Replete Program is the solution to help pharmacists address drug-induced nutrient depletion in patients.

The interface is simple, yet intuitive.  When you scan a prescription at the POS station, your clerk or pharmacy tech may be alerted that certain medications in the prescription may deplete the patient of certain critical nutrients.  The pharmacy staff then can suggest certain supplements to the patient to offset these negative side-effects.  

Ortho Molecular Products Case Study-cover.png

Customer Loyalty Module

Retail Management Solutions Customer Loyalty module is a two-tiered solution designed to drive incremental business through your doors, by rewarding your frequent shoppers and driving repeat business. Both the Frequent Shopper Program and the Advanced Gift with Purchase Program are included.


Bottom Line: The RMS Customer Loyalty program can greatly increase your customer frequency and store profitability.

Call us today to establish the ideal customer loyalty program for your pharmacy!


SnapRx Integration for Ecommerce, Email, and Social Media Marketing

With the integration of SnapRx and RMS, independent pharmacies now have the digital marketing tools needed to attract new patients, grow their pharmacy, and retain current patients. Pharmacies can:

  • Automatically sync customers from their RMS point of sale system to their SnapRx account
  • Send pre-created emails with clinical content, promotions, and coupons
  • Engage their patients on social media with pre-written content
  • Sell products through email and online with our Paypal and Shopify integrations
  • Manage and schedule email, social, and website updates from our central marketing planning calendar


SNAP RX vertical cta 2017.png

Point-of-Sale Supplies

As a full solution pharmacy point-of-sale provider, RMS has a wide selection of supplies to keep your business flowing efficiently and crazy easy!  

Redesign your store with our wide selection of quality shelf tags or shelf talkers. Send out your accounts receivable statements with our Wallace Laser sheets and Laser A/R Statement envelopes. Not only do we carry receipt printer rolls for all your transactions but we also have printer ribbons check endorsing with our TMH-6000 receipt printer!

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Phred's Drugs - POS Innovation leads to growth
"RMS' [pharmacy POS system] has increased our efficiency, which means less customer confusion and more time for other things. RMS employees are excellent, responsive, and quick – which makes us very satisfied. RMS has improved both our customer service and our business, every year.." – Jim Smith, Owner & Pharmacist, The Medicine Shoppe, Shelton, WA