The most robust pharmacy point-of-sale software on the market!  This full-featured pharmacy specific POS software will give you everything you need to help you run your pharmacy more efficiently, while growing your customer base and increasing profits!

Business Solutions magazine referred called Star-Plus the "Prescription for Pharmacy POS."



Star-Plus builds on our popular Star-Lite solution, and adds:

  • Flexible Purchase Order Program to Create POs for Virtually Any Vendor
  • Automated PO Receiving Program
  • Perpetual Inventory Control to Maintain On-Hand Quantities
  • Create/Print Signs & Labels
  • Universal Import Program to Import Vendor Product Files
  • Export Reports in .csv to Import into Programs like Excel
  • Electronic Price Updates
  • Transmit PO’s Electronically to OTC Wholesaler,
  • and many more features!

Flexible Purchase Order Program
The Flexible Purchasing Order program allows Replenishment, Min/Max, and Scientific Purchasing (based on sales history).

Automated PO Receiving Program
Easy to use and automated PO Receiving program allows user to "Receive by Exception".

Create Signs & Labels
Create Your Own Signs, Labels, and Shelf Talkers

Inventory Control
Inventory Control using FIFO or Average Costing.

Universal Import Program
Import almost any product file with our Universal Import program.

Export Data to Software
Export data to spreadsheet or word processing software.

Electronic Updates
Receive electronic price and item updates from your wholesaler.

Transmit PO’s Electronically
Electronically transmit purchase orders to your wholesaler.

Mobile PDA for Easy Inventory Control

Mobile Inventory PDA for Star Plus
RMS Pharmacy POS Ebook Library
"We've had the Star-Plus POS system from RMS for more than six years. Adding RxLoyaltyGenius™ helped us capitalize on the resulting consumer data. Thanks to this, we are retaining consumers and gaining new ones." – Bill Hayes, Owner, Haworth Apothecary,Haworth, New Jersey