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With RMS' full line of POS solutions, we can meet the needs of small apothecaries AND large retail pharmacies!

Designed with the clinic and apothecary in mind. Experience the powerful benefits of point-of-sale technology at an affordable price.


Everything you ever wanted from a pharmacy POS system! The most robust pharmacy POS system in the industry.


Real-time communication from site to head office gives you up-to-the-minute sales history, inventory levels, and transaction detail in each of your stores.

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The most popular pharmacy specific mobile POS device on the market! Make your staff more flexible and increase customer service, at the drive-thru, curbside, sales floor, or even customer front door!

RMS Customer Loyalty module is a two-tiered solution designed to drive incremental business through your doors, by rewarding your frequent shoppers.


As a full solution pharmacy point-of-sale provider, RMS can provide all supplies needed for your point-of-sale system.


The RMS Line-Up

Because of the scalability of RMS's pharmacy POS systems, we offer our customers a lot of flexibility in choosing the right solution for their needs today, while giving them a growth plan for the future.

If you are a small apothecary with limited needs, but you need capabilities such as electronic signature capture and the ability to process customer house charges, then our Star-Lite solution may be the fit you are looking for.  Additionally, if you have a large retail pharmacy with front-end inventory management needs, look no further, as our Star-Plus solution delivers the most robust inventory management solution for pharmacies that need to manage, track, and grow their profits from a retail merchandise perspective.

Allow our phamarcy POS systems to help manage your growth while improving your customer service offering by adding technology to your business like our EvolutionPOS, and for pharmacies with multiple locations, we have you covered as well, with our Star-Link multi-store solution.

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"This investment is the only thing that am 100% sure will never regret for life. The system is powerful, yet extremely easy to use and has the capabilities to generate reports that would take hours to produce manually. - Tony Aziz, Sunset Drugs, Brooklyn, NY