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Pharmacy Podcast June 2016 - New Product Announcements!

Listen to the June 21, 2016 Pharmacy Podcast Show, with RMS' CEO, Brad Jones, and VP of Sales and Marketing, Mike Gross, discuss RMS' latest technologies, our 2nd generation mobile POS, EvolutionPOSv2, and an exciting new interface with Ortho Molecular's Digital Replete Program! 



100th Episode: RMS Pharmacy POS Technology Revolution Listen to RMS CEO Brad Jones discuss the evolution of pharmacy point-of-sale from cash registers to mobile devices, and why your next point-of sale vendor should help you increase efficiency, growth, and ultimatley,profits.



The Business of Pharmacy in 2014 In this video, Pharmacy Podcast talks with Mike Gross - Vice President of Sales Marketing with Retail Management Solutions about:

  • The Pharmacy Development Services Conference Pharmacy Business Trends for 2014
  • Big Data in Pharmacy Business
  • The latest updates from RMS

Preventing Credit Card Fraud in Your Independent Pharmacy Interview with Brad Jones, CEO Retail Management Solutions.

Brad Jones discusses the upcoming change in credit card security and how pharmacies should prepare.  He discusses in great detail about what to consider, and how best to protect your customer's credit card information.


Nates Pharmacy and the Power of Point of Sale Technology

Interview with Boris Natenzon, owner of Nate's Pharmacies

Nate’s Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies is one of New York’s largest full service independent pharmacies, and owner Boris Natenson, who's dedicated to his community and the pharmacy profession, provides services through 6 locations in the New York City area. Nate’s Pharmacy serves all pharmacy needs, including a specialty compounding laboratory, where he can modify or customize medication to better suit a patients’ needs.

Boris shares the importance of balancing the right technology and pharmacy operation process. Boris talks with Pharmacy Podcast about Retail Management Solutions' point of sale technologies and how he manages his stores leveraging the information he gathers from these systems.

RMS Webinar Customer Loyalty for Pharmacies
RMS EvolutionPOS Mobile POS for Pharmacies

"Doing business with RMS is like working with friends and family. As a group, they are professional, reactive, and are quick to work out issues. As each month passes, we are making great strides in creating a POS system that is just right for where we want to be." – Keith Bibelhausen, President, Hartig Drug, Dubuque, IA