Why Wouldn't You Scan Driver's Licenses in your Pharmacy?

If you're spending time manually entering driver's license information for controlled substance sales, there's a better way using pharmacy point-of-sale.

rms-pharmacy-pos-drivers-license-PSE.jpgHow many times a day do you have to document driver's license information? For many pharmacies, the answer is "more times than I can count".  So if you're manually entering that information, you're spending a lot of quality time with your keyboard.   

So instead of wearing off the letters of your keyboard typing information from countless driver's licenses, just scan them. When the ID collection requirement pops up for controlled prescriptions or for pseudoephedrine sales, just scan the 2D Barcode on the back of the license to automatically parse that information into the correct fields. It's not only faster, but eliminates your margin of error. (No more worrying about misspellings!)  

So if it's that easy, why wouldn't you scan driver's licenses?  If the answer is that your current pharmacy point-of-sale solution doesn't support that functionality, we can help!


RMS Pharmacy POS Library

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