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How to Use Pharmacy Technology to Create the Habits for Success

Learn how pharmacy technology allows you to lead your employees towards habits that will make your pharmacy more efficient and profitable.

rms-pharmacy-pos-habits.jpgHabits do not form overnight.  In fact, studies show that it takes anywhere between two and eight months to form a new habit.   That’s a pretty big range to deal with.  It’s hard enough when you’re talking about going to the gym every morning, or cutting out soda or desserts.  But when you start talking about creating new positive habits in your pharmacy, you get to a whole new level of difficulty. 

That’s because you’re not in control of everything that goes on in your pharmacy.   As much as you might want to be everywhere at once, you can’t be.  You have to rely on pharmacy staff to carry out your vision and adhere to the policies you set.  It might sound easy.  You create a policy, it gets followed. Right?  Well, maybe not.  Every employee in your pharmacy might interpret something a different way or follow different route to what they view as the same end.   And these many different routes to the same destination allow for errors and inefficiencies that most pharmacies simply can’t afford.  Let’s face it, wasted time is wasted money. 

That’s why having the proper tools and technology in your pharmacy is so important.  Pharmacy point-of-sale allows you to standardize procedures, monitor key indicators of employee productivity, and make it easier to help your pharmacy employees to learn good habits that will make your pharmacy more efficient and profitable.


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