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How One Simple Promotional Idea May Drive Sales in your Pharmacy

Try something new going into the new year and drive new pharmacy sales!

rms-pharmacy-point-of-sale-childs-art.jpgThis weekend, I attended a paint night.  One of those events where they give you a canvas and some paint and an artist instructs you on how to paint a specific picture.  (These events are fun but the results prove that I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon.) 

I've attended events like this before but this one was a little different.  Instead of taking place in a studio, it took place in a Starbucks.  This may not seem like a big deal.  Especially in Washington where we really do have a Starbucks on every corner.  But even though $5 lattes have never really been my thing, I was reminded of an important fact.  It's important to try new things in your business.  To step out of what it is you think you're supposed to do and look at what you might be able do differently.   

While we can't often take too much in the way of advice from larger chains, I think that the evolution of what was once a simple coffee shop to a business that holds events, owns high end bakeries, has happy hours (Complete with appetizers and wine) and plans to open 12,000 new locations over the next 5 years is something we can take a little inspiration from.  

So step out of your comfort zone.  Host an event in partnership with another local business.  Expand that unique product line if it's selling well.  Add the curbside delivery service that will set your pharmacy apart.  The technology exists to make doing new and different things so much easier. So what's holding you back? 


Ortho Molecular Products' and RMS Integration Replete Program

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