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Run a Successful Pharmacy and Still be Home in Time For Dinner

How can a pharmacy POS system save you time in your pharmacy

RMS_pharmacy_POS_trafficThis week I ran across an article about a new business that turns vans into mobile offices.  Complete with wi-fi, phone, touch screens and noise reduction, I’m certain that these offices on wheels have more amenities than most traditional offices. 

I know traffic is only getting worse and a 2014 survey reports that full time employees in the US work an average of 47 hours a week, but I still find it a little sad that the need for this kind of product exists today and I feel pretty lucky that the thought of a luxury mobile office doesn’t appeal to me in any way.  I am very passionate about the work I do at RMS every day, but I also value time spent with my family when the workday ends. 

In the independent pharmacy industry, hard work is a given.  Running a successful pharmacy and putting in some extra hours seem to go hand in hand.  And that’s probably true.  Owning and managing an independent pharmacy is a very demanding job description.  I’d dare anyone to argue with me. But it doesn’t have to take over your entire life.  You can leverage technology, like a pharmacy point-of-sale system, to increase staff efficiency, streamline processes, save time and boost profitability.   

At RMS, we don’t believe you have to choose between running a profitable, successful independent pharmacy and making it to your kids’ soccer game, or band concert.  The right technology can be the difference between working 12 hour days, and being home in time for dinner with your family.   

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