Pharmacies - Check Out Our List of The Newest Point-of-Sale Features

Here's a abbreviated list of our development accomplishments in 2017 for our pharmacy point-of-sale solution.

rms-pharmacy-happy-2018.jpgIt’s been a fantastic, but busy year here at RMS in 2017.  Not only did we have another incredible year bringing on a ton of new customers, but our development team has hyper focused on delivering some of the most innovative pharmacy point-of-sale features in the industry.  As the marketing guy for RMS, we advertise throughout the year announcing these new products and services, but rarely are they ever compiled in one location, so I want to change that. 

Our development team works with their heads down, toiling day after day fixing bugs, creating enhancements, and building out new features that our customers, new and old, enjoy year after year.  It’s high time we give them some kudos and highlight just some of their efforts, so here’s a short list of a few of the bigger projects they completed this year.

New Integrations

Ortho Molecular Products Nutrient Depletion Notifications - register notifcations when supplements should be recommended!

Snap-Rx integration - social media/email marketing and ecommerce

Mevesi integration - very robust reporting that becomes integrated with your Rx system data for a single view of the business

Gift Card Mall integration – development is completed, and now in final testing.  This will allow the “gift card mall” to be an option for our customers, so that they can sell restaurant and other types of gift cards though our POS.


Building even stronger RX system integrations

One of the cornerstones here at RMS is the idea that we like to play well in your technology “sandbox” with others.  To that end, we are continually tweaking interfaces and adding to our list of pharmacy management system integrations.  This year, we’ve worked very closely with our partners to add 3 new Rx system integrations (which puts us over 30 now!) and enhance some existing interfaces:

Pioneer Rx

Micro Merchant PrimeRx

McKesson Pharmaserv

McKesson EnterpriseRx

Epic Willow Ambulatory

Computer Rx



Further enhancements to credit card security

Credit card security continues to make headlines across the country as retailer’s networks are breached.  Credit card information as well as personal patient info continues to be a target for hackers.  We don’t take this lightly at RMS, which is why we spend considerable resources every year to focus on improving our point-of-sale security.  Two features that continue to evolve and keep our attention are:


Validated Point-to-Point Encryption


These are just the highlights.  There have been many small features added, like user interface features, improved reporting, more robust multi-location enterprise management, and of course, the occasional bug fix.  And there doesn’t appear to be any slowdown in 2018 when I look at the 2018 project list!  We have some really innovative features and enhancements coming, so stay tuned.  I predict 2018 will be another fantastic year for RMS and its customers!

And finally, my wish is for you, your family, and your staff is to have a happy, safe, and productive new year!


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