Happy Fourth of July from RMS

These tips, and the right POS technology can help you be confident that everything will go smoothly while you celebrate the Independence Day.


Happy Fourth of July From RMS POS

When I was a kid, the moment the bell rang on the last day of school, summer officially started. It didn't matter if the skies were cloudy and gray for another month. Or that the time off school meant a ton of chores. That cutoff meant that summer fun could truly begin.

As an adult it seems harder to make that transition from the frigid winter and slightly gloomy spring. Throughout June I find myself missing that feeling of glee that used to accompany the temporary freedom from daily routine.

So for me, the Fourth of July has become sort of a sign post that summer has really begun. And that even though the alarm still rings every morning, I can still recapture a bit of that summer time joy by spending a day of celebration with my family and friends.

One thing that helps me do this is getting all of my ducks in a row before I leave the office for the day. Even 1 day can still create a backlog of to-do's if you haven't prepared properly. Here's a few point-of-sale to do's to make sure you're ready to have a stress free time away.

Set reports to run while you're away - If your daily reports are set to automatically run while you're out of the office, you'll have them ready for review upon your return for quick and easy catch up.

Get promotions ready to go - Whether the promotion is running while you're away, or right after your return, having it done in advance gives you one less thing to worry about. Set start and end dates in your POS system for stress free sales.

Set an escalation process - Make sure your staff know who to go to with issues or questions. That way the work doesn't stop while you're away. (Hint: the RMS support line is staffed 24x7 for anything that pops up with your point-of-sale system)

Whether you're gone just for a day, a long weekend, a week, or more, these tips, and the right POS technology can help you be confident that everything will go smoothly in your absence.

From all of us at RMS, have a safe, happy, and worry free Fourth of July!

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