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The sun is finally out in Washington state and at last I can move the heaviest of my winter clothes to the back of the closet and put my boots away f

Easy promotional ideas for independant pharmacy summertimeThe sun is finally out in Washington state and at last I can move the heaviest of my winter clothes to the back of the closet and put my boots away for the season.  Maybe it’s because we only have a few precious months of drizzle free weather here, but summer weekends are always packed, and no matter how well I plan, Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings usually find me running around like a crazy person trying to finish up some last minute weekend preparations.

This past weekend I rushed into my local grocery store to pick up a few forgotten items for a “kick off the nice weather, take the cover off of the grill and pull out the sunscreen” get together.  The store I usually frequent is definitely unique.  It’s smaller, but carries unique product lines, local produce and has great service.  Walking into this store just feels different. From the coffee bar in front to the entryway filled with fresh floral arrangements, it's a far cry from your average grocery store experience. 

Easy promotional ideas for independant pharmacy cherriesOn this particular day, I had no interest in stopping to smell the roses, but the clever managers at the store had other plans for me.  In the middle of the atrium stood a sandwich board style sign and on it they had written “5 things you can’t leave the store without” followed by a list of new and seasonal items that they wanted to promote.  Upon walking into the store, while barely having to break my stride, I learned that a new brand of salsa had arrived, apricots were on sale, there was a special in the meat department, the strawberries were fresh from the farm down the street and best of all, the first of the Rainier cherries were in.  I hadn’t even intended on stopping by the produce department, but the probably less than 10 minutes someone spent putting this board together derailed my small shopping list and I walked out with 3 of the 5 items they advertised. 

Now I’ve written before about grocery store strategies for increasing a customer’s average ticket and encouraging impulse buys.  It seems that the grocery industry has a pretty solid grasp on driving the kind of behavior they want to see in consumers.  But I’ve never seen such a targeted approach before in any chain grocery store and it’s a great reminder of how being a local business that is more in touch with your community can provide you with a competitive edge over the big box stores.

The best part is that this is a really simple, very low cost marketing idea that any retailer could adopt. So as we approach the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I encourage you to think about 5 things that customers shouldn’t leave your store without this weekend. With camp grounds filling up for the Fourth, remind customers that may be coming in just to refill their prescriptions that they can also pick up some weekend necessities. For example, this week, maybe customers shouldn’t leave your store without sunscreen, bug spray, a first aid kit, hand sanitizer and travel size toiletries.  Consider engaging your artistic employees to make your signage pop (maybe some Fourth of July fireworks?), and you will have a quick, easy, inexpensive and unique new marketing tool.  If you’d like to run specials, your POS system can help you set up some promotions and special pricing.

I’d love to see what you come up with for 5 must have items. Please feel free to leave your comments, ideas and success stories below 

From all of us at RMS, we wish you a safe, happy and successful Fourth of July weekend!

Easy promotional ideas for independant pharmacy fireworks

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