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A pharmacy without cash registers?? (Part 2)

A pharmacy without cash registers?? Learn how a thriving independent pharmacy is changing how traditional pharmacies interact with their patients.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a pharmacy I was visiting to do a photo and video shoot, West Cocoa Pharmacy.  As I said previously, they opened their doors a few months ago, with no traditional registers, but with 2 of our EvolutionPOS mobile handheld devices.  In doing so, this gives them much more flexibiltiy in how they interact with their customers and enhances their customer service.

I arrived with the video crew about 11am and I have to say, directing a video is a lot harder than I thought.  There is a lot to consider - the lighting, the angle of the camera, whether a pharmacist's white jacket will be too bright for the camera, etc.  But, in the end, it was a great day and we got some great footage.  

RMS POS West Cocoa Pharmacy (3)

We shot excellent examples of how Dawn and staff are using the EvolutionPOS device:

  • At the pharmacy counter
  • Within the store aisle talking with a patient
  • At their patient counseling area
  • At curbside to offer easy pickup
  • At patient front-door when doing deliveries

RMS POS West Cocoa Pharmacy (1)

Dawn and her staff were very gracious to allow us to take over the store for the day.  They're great people, and very customer-centric, but not because I'm saying so, but because every patient that came in complemented her and her staff for the services they provide there.  I have no doubt she will thrive in the years to come.  

I hope to have the video published online either this week or next, so stay tuned to see how its possible for a pharmacy to run its business without traditional cash registers!

(You can now watch the full video here)


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