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How are consumers using social media to shop?

Retailers, including independent pharmacies are more challenged than ever to attract constomer and increase loyalty. Consumers are becomming more savvy using social media to shop. Learn consumer buying behaviors so pharmacies can adapt.

Today's consumer is more savvy than ever.  More than ever before, consumers have many choices to learn, shop, and discuss their shopping decisions before they ever make a purchase.  These resources include online retailers like Amazon  and their powerful product ratings and consumer reviews, review websites such as, brick and mortar retailers, and what's trending more and more: social media sites like FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.  There's a reason why Best Buy is struggling and getting a reputation of being called "Amazon's showroom."  As a retailer, you need to be aware of these new buying behaviors and adapt.  To learn more about how shoppers use social media to make shopping decisions, check out this fascinating infographic (click to enlarge):

Social Media shopping behaviors RMS POS


Pharmacy technology, including a robust Point-of-Sale solution, can help you identify what products customers are buying in your store, what products are trending, where you need to be spending your inventory dollars, and how to keep your customers returning.  Independent pharmacies can compete with big box stores, by improving customer loyalty and focusing on what their customer's needs are.  Technology can help.  What steps are you taking to attract business in the 21st century?


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