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Posted by Brad Jones on Thu, Apr 25, 2019 @ 11:47 AM

Change is something we encourage pharmacies to do every day. Well, not so much change as improve. It can be scary to take the leap sometimes, and it’s not always easy, but the upsides are well worth the effort.

At RMS, improvement is a goal that we embrace every day. Often, we’ll see those improvements take the shape of little things, like a new field on our case forms or a tweak in an internal process. Regularly, we’re focused on product enhancements and adding new features.  And occasionally, we find ourselves faced with something a little bit bigger.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve made some of these bigger improvements at RMS. I have been pleased to provide new opportunities to three long time RMS employees and I’m happy to share these improvements with you today.

Brian HIllmanBrian Hillman has stepped into the role of Director of Sales. Brian has been a part of RMS since the very beginning (over 20 years ago) and has worked with customers in almost every facet of our organization, from implementation to support and customer success management. Brian’s years of experience both with RMS and with the pharmacy industry mean that he’s uniquely qualified to fit pharmacies with new point-of-sale solutions.Karen Deckard

The new position of Director of Marketing will be filled by Karen Deckard, a name that is likely familiar to frequent blog readers as she’s been our primary content creator since 2012. Karen has been an employee of RMS for 10 years, with most of her tenure being spent as a Customer Success Manager. (Don’t panic if you’re a customer that works Brandon Bieleskiwith Karen regularly. She’ll still be taking time to work with the Customer Success team and many of her long-standing accounts)

Taking on the role of Director of Operations, is Brandon Bieleski, who recently celebrated his 15th year with RMS. Brandon has guided our implementation and training programs for many years. After helping countless pharmacies implement new point-of-sale systems with RMS, Brandon is well suited to take the next step, overseeing RMS operations.

In addition to these exciting changes, RMS customers will also get to know our newest employee, support technician Kennedy Roseberry. The continued growth of our support team is an important improvement. Allowing us to provide reliable, prompt support to our growing customer base.



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