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A Brand New E-book from RMS - The Best Pharmacy POS Blogs of 2016

Get the latest free Ebook from RMS - The Best of Blogs 2016!

2016 best of blogs cover v1.pngThe end of another year means that we have another year's worth of blog posts in the books - over 100 were written in 2016! Posting two articles a week, every week, for the last year, means we've built up a lot of great content on pharmacy management, pharmacy technology, business strategies, security, and much more.  

So now what?  Of course we'll keep on posting in 2017.  But so much of what we posted in 2016 remains relevant and helpful to pharmacies. And we think that when it comes to content, it really can be helpful to look to the past for guidance and inspiration. With that in mind, we compiled the 12 best blogs from 2016 and put them into a new E-book that's free to download.  What makes them the best?  Well simply put, you did.  These are the 12 most read posts of 2016, and we completely agree with you. These are some of our favorite posts too.  

If you are new to the RMS blog, or maybe you just didn't get a chance to read all 104 posts, (It's okay, our feelings aren't hurt) this E-book is a great way to recap.  

Enjoy, and Happy 2017!!


Best Pharmacy POS blogs of 2015 ebook


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