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10 of the Best POS Reports to Use in Your Pharmacy

Robust point-of-sale reporting capabilities are a must have. Here are some of the best, basic reports to run in your pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-point-of-sale-reports.jpgEarlier this week I talked a little about why robust point-of-sale reporting capabilities are so important to your pharmacy.  Utilizing reports can help you identify areas for improvement.  They can also help you to streamline processes so that you spend a lot less time on certain tasks.

But what reports should you be running?  Where do you look to get some of the basic metrics that you need to see how your business is really doing? This week I asked our expert support staff to list some of the reports they are most frequently asked for.  We ended up with a pretty great list of reports that can give you some really in depth information.  


Daily Cash:   This report is a must have. It provides you with a summary of sales.  You’ll see net sales, voids, paid ins/outs, taxes, your methods of payment and more.  If you’re looking for a quick but detailed reading of how well your pharmacy did on any given day, look no further. 

Sales Analysis: Run this report daily or monthly to see your sales totals. 

Sales Distribution: The Sales Distribution Report offers you a breakdown of sales by any number of categories so you can see how specific areas of your store are preforming.  View sales by department, fineline or GL.

Tax Breakdown: If only the Tax Breakdown report weren’t necessary, but every pharmacy will need it at one point or another.  It gives you a more detailed breakdown of taxes than your Daily Cash report.

Methods of Payment:  This report provides you a breakdown of credit card transactions with totals. Very basic, but also a great metric to know.

Movement Report: When you need to know quantities sold of front-end merchandise, including OTCs, the Movement Report gives you that information.  You’ll see monthly totals over the past year.  An invaluable tool if you’re looking to make some changes in what front end products you carry.

Performance Report: Want to know what exactly your clerks are doing at the till?  Discounts, refunds, voids, price changes?   The Performance Report gives you this information so you can address problems before they get out of hand.

Customer Count: Should you extend your hours?  Add extra staff? To answer these questions you need to know how busy your pharmacy is at any given time.  Use this report to review your sales based on time increment.  You can see how many transactions are run and the dollar amount sold for the timeframe you select.

Trial Balance: For pharmacies utilizing accounts receivable, this report is handy to provide balances on all accounts.

Aged Accounts Receivable: If you’re looking for all of your past due accounts then use the Aged A/R Report for viewing accounts that are 30, 60, 90, and 120 days overdue.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about something as seemingly simple reporting capabilities in the shadow of new gadgets and intriguing new functionality.  But reports are an important foundation in any POS system and they should not be undervalued.

Co Authored by RMS Support Manager Kikki Harris and Administrative Support Specialist Brooke Bronson.



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